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Can meat cause chronic rash?



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  • Can meat cause chronic rash?

    I am on paleo for over 5 years and I have seen big improvements in my health. There is one aspect though that got worse - 2 years into the diet I developed face and upper chest/back eczema that I can not get rid of. Two weeks ago I test started a vegan diet for a month and the eczema seems to fade off. What could be the mechanisms by which meat can cause eczema. So far I am aware
    1. histamine intolerance
    2. alpha gal allergy (mammals)
    3. anisakis (fish and seafood)
    4. postpranial endotoxemia from meat fat

    what else?
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    Tick bites can trigger meat allergies. Medical testing is the only way to confirm. You can extend your research by an Internet search of "ticks meat allergy" and see if you recognize your condition.
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      Doctors always advise not to have read meat as it is not good for your health. So try to avoid it from your diet.
      If you still have the allergy then do an allergy test to see which food item is causing you problem.