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    I am so lucky to be living in Norway where you can drink water straight from the tap, and in some places even straight out of a creek. The tap water we have where I live is of excellent quality. Doesn't taste anything but fresh water. This have saved my literally thousands of Norwegian kroner. Yay for that!
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      I'll never drink tapwater where I live. Whenever I go over to my parents house, their water smells so strongly of chlorine I'd do just as well to stick my nose in a clorox bottle. Years ago, the city was telling certain neighborhoods not to drink the tap water at all so my Aunt would fill up bottles for everyone else.
      Also, I lived in rural VA for a good portion of my life as a child. I saw a dentist once when I was 8 and then I just recently worked up the courage to go last year...It was about a twenty year span give or take (as a kid I was an adult, I was broke). The hygienist was amazed I only had one tiny cavity and otherwise stellar teeth. The first thing she asked me was if I had fluoridated water growing up. Nope. "Well water," I told her. She shook her head and told me I should have had FAR more problems with my teeth than I did. She refused to believe I didn't have fluoridated water which led me to do a littlle digging of my own. I ran across this page on Barry Grove's site Needless to say, I'll stick to my distilled water. The less garbage in it, the better.
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        "As for your bottled plastic, thank you for contributing to the trash vortex in the Pacific ocean. We salute you. "

        Assuming he's just throwing the bottles on the ground or in the water...

        I'm lucky enough to live in an area where they neither fluoridate nor chlorinate our water supply. It tastes great right out of the tap and passes very high quality standards. When I travel I buy and use bottled water. Then I throw the bottles in the trash.