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Solarium use - what is the truth?

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  • Solarium use - what is the truth?

    If you listen to the likes of NaturalNews and Dr. Mercola, amongst others, you may have formed the opinion that tanning beds are actually quite 'safe' and beneficial when used correctly. I'm a recent convert.

    Mark, do you have an opinion on solarium use?

    [my apologies if this has been covered - I did search first]

    There's been a huge campaign by the 'cancer industry' over the last few years to control/squash the tanning industry.. The same people promoting chemical-laden sunscreens, keeping indoors & [solely] receiving paltry amounts of vitamin d from our diet (200-400IUs)..

    ..combine that with scare campaigns in the media pertaining to infrequently visiting/young users (under 18) dying from melanomas, and you begin to wonder what's going on... I can't be the only primal enthusiast curious about this??

    A couple of sources I trust almost entirely (Mercola, NaturalNews) believe tanning (and tanning beds) to be ok... and when it comes to the truth.. be it on diet (look at proponent:contrarian ratio on primal, for instance) or whatever, I'm not a fan of CW. So I am very interested in your view on solarium use, where sun exposure isn't possible or substantial enough.

    Personal story:

    I want to get a tan with all the benefits of sun exposure, so a spray tan is out of the question - I'm also concerned about the chemicals.

    It's virtually impossible for me to get a good amount of sun exposure during daylight hours, due to commitments, so I've started going to a solarium every 2nd/3rd afternoon after work.

    I only turn the lightest shade of pink afterward, and am under the lamps for a short period of time..around 4mins on the weakest (but modern) bed. I don't 'burn'. I'm slowly getting some colour, experiencing gains in confidence/self-esteem and feeling a greater sense of wellbeing overall.

    Protection: I apply extra virgin coconut oil to my skin - all the skin being exposed - before and after, to both moisturise & protect. I will be monitoring my skin health via skin checkups with a specialist, and ensuring my diet remains clean & healthy, as per recommendations from Dr Mercola & NN. I agree with their views that poor diet & improper use can make it dangerous.


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    I'd like to know the answer to this too. How often is safe?


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      It's far safer than they admit; yes, UV esposure is radiation. Yes, radiation causes cancer. Yes, the two greatest sources of radiation in the modern world are the sun and the earth. What they don't tell you is that, while you recieve ~50x(iirc) more radiation as a farmer than as a nuclear operator(which has extensive controls to prevent exposer, naturally), this is still orders of magnitude less than the amount of exposure required to produce any serious harm. It would require a curie(give or take an order of magnitude) in a single sitting to produce harm; what we recieve from the sun, tanning booth, soil, etc. ranges in microcuries.

      I'm not the least bit concerned about tanning; if you want to grab a booth, grab a booth. Worst case scenerio, your skin burns, it peels, it recovers.