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Palaeo and Lyme

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  • Palaeo and Lyme

    I am interested in any information about palaeo dieting and Lyme disease. I have now had three separate incidences of Lyme in three years. This summer is my first having gone palaeo. Needless to say, the energy surge most others have had on this diet has not been as apparent with me, and now -- about a month off the antibiotics -- I'm finally getting enough energy back to work out again.

    Do you have any specific recommendations for palaeo dieters struggling with Lyme? I am taking insane amounts of anti-inflammatories (turmeric, cinnamon, grape seed extract, St.Johns wort, CLO, cat's claw, and a mushroom complex for adrenal support as well.) I'm also upping my Vit. D levels as well. I'm measuring 30...I'd like to be closer to 50 in the Vit. D department. Of course, I am taking probiotics to try to re-establish my gut flora.

    Down almost 40 lbs. 70 to go.