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75% of MHR for "ok" cardio?

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  • 75% of MHR for "ok" cardio?


    In the book you finally nail down what is "ok cardio" and what is "chronic" or "bad" cardio - under vs over 75% of Maximum Heart Rate, respectively.

    As you've even said, 75% isn't hard and fast for everyone, and that some trained athletes it could be 80%. However, there must be a line that you've identified, and I think I can guess what it is - lactate threshold. Yes?

    I'd love to get a more technical fleshing out to this than what is used in the book - admittedly aimed at the layperson, not athletes or people who've done their physiological homework.

    Lactate threshold is the point at which you begin to accumulate more junk than your blood can clear out. That's a gross oversimplification, but in a nutshell it means you can exert just above your lactate threshold for 45 minutes to an hour before collapse. For many people using their 10K level of effort is about right. Definitely not mile or 5K speed, and definitely not marathon.

    Your thoughts are greatly anticipated. :-)

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    Unless your training for a certain event or running is just your thing,why train like that.

    If you just want to burn fat or improve your fitness,why not opt for HIIT,sprints,tabata's and maybe the odd 3-5k


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      I absolutely agree, and I AM training for a certain event, and running is my thing. :-)


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        Excellent question for discussion! What event are you training for? Lactic acid threshold training is serious stuff! I actually do a workout once per week using a Kettlebell that is designed to improve your lactic acid threshold & VO2 Max.

        Its brutal at times, but I have never done a workout that gives me better muscular endurance & cardio. I perform that workout ever week because of the amazing Fitness benefits. There is NO WAY I could do it 3 or 4 times per week. I would get physically destroyed! :-)

        I know for a fact that my workout pushes me to 85%+ of my max heart rate. Once a week, I equate it to Grok fighting for his life to defend his Family against a predator determined to make them its dinner! :-)

        Best of luck with your event!



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          I do marathons and half-marathons, and used to do ultra trail races. I'll get back into trail stuff more in several years when the roads are done with me. (I shifted *to* roads to see if I could get faster and set some good PRs while I'm still "young")

          I love Tabata intervals - no equipment required! Its 4 minutes of pure hell that flies by. 20 seconds all out (running, biking, swimming, whatever!), 10 seconds rest, repeat 8 times. Heart rate will go to nearly 100% on each one.

          Here's info on it:

          Other than that, I run hills, and also steady state runs of 1-2+ hours at about 75%, hence my question. :-)