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Mark vs Tony Horton - Ultimate Fit-Off!!!!!

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    Originally posted by goodangels View Post
    haha....I thought that's what it said too...I was hoping to open a video with some kind of smackdown LOL.

    Someone should do a parody ring fight - Mark wearing loincloth and bare feet wielding a huge steak VS Tim Horton in hockey gear wielding a massive chocolate donut!

    (Sorry if only Canadians find this humourous).
    Nope, not just you. Buffalo Sabres fan here. I love Tim Horton's coffee too. Last time we were up there for a game I stocked up on coffee and got a cute red mug.

    And yeah, that'd be awesome. Timmy would've so won.


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      Originally posted by Karma View Post
      At first I thought you said Mark VS Tim Horton. That was funny! Although perhaps only Canadians would get the irony of it!

      Also, I love how he says you have to cut out gluten and then in the same blog post he puts a recipie for Coffee cake that has "whole Grain" flour. Rather short attention span to put those two posts in the same newsletter.

      What's ironic about a hockey player whose name adorns an amazing place to get tea?
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