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How on earth did people get by in the Olde Worlde without an Apple iPad?

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  • How on earth did people get by in the Olde Worlde without an Apple iPad?

    I read somewhere in the Daily Mail that a company called 'Stone Henge Products Ltd' might have had something called an iTablet in them days..

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    I used to work for a mobile applications development company and I have developed software for every type of mobile device imaginable. Apple did raise the bar when the iPhone came out, however Apple products suck IMO. I would never buy one, and never will. Android devices after 2.0 are far superior.


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      I was talking with some people at the coffeehouse last week. My family works for Corning Inc (the makers or Gorilla Glass now being used by Samsung.) I didn't know that this Gorilla Glass was made by accident some 10 years ago, and they just now found a practical use for it.

      My vote goes to Android for mobile technology. I'm very satisfied with my Droid X. I did get to play with the Samsung tablet the other day- it's like a larger version of my droid. Very cool.

      Sorta makes you wonder what they've got up their sleeves next.


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        Grok used to sit in the cave looking at a square shaped rock thinking..."I can't believe this. I am never going to get on line. I'm a caveman...."

        Then he probably just had sex or something...


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          Originally posted by Grok View Post
          Android devices after 2.0 are far superior.
          How so?


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            9 years ago I lived in a house without a landline, I had no cellphone, and I walked to work-pure heaven.


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              I have a plain jane brick cell phone. It is outstanding. 2 years ago I had no cell phone and no landline, it is just pure bliss.

              Being able to play angry birds and check the weather on demand just doesn't factory too highly in my life. I will be even happier once I recut the cell phone.
              If your food is fast, maybe you should fast.


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                I have an iPad and while it's alright, I think it's overpriced and not as big a deal as the Apple fanboys make it out to be. I had and iPhone and I loved that thing. My work changed me over to a Blackberry and I curse at the damned thing every day.
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                  Originally posted by MarkP View Post
                  How so?
                  Well from a development standpoint they were better, Apple likes to make their own standards and I end up writing a bunch of apple specific code. Android had it's problems as well in this respect I will admit, but it was not as bad as Apple after Android 2.0.

                  From an end user perspective I found the Android interface to be better. I'd describe it as being more sophisticated or enhanced. Apple really likes to dumb things down, too much so for my tastes.

                  From an application store standpoint you do not have to deal with the stringent Apple approval process. Yes, Apple may currently have more apps, but I don't think that will be the case for more than a couple more years.

                  Finally, to put the nail in the coffin, Android is based on a linux kernel and Apple is not. Although there have been some recent license issues wrt open source code which Android is allegedly using.

                  I do not see any advantages the iPhone has over Android at this point except possibly app. count, but I think this is short lived.


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                    No iPad here, no cellphone either, not even a cordless home phone. Just an old wall-mount that's one step above this: