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    I just got done watching "The Beautiful Truth", pretty interesting movie to say the least. Since it abides by a lot of the ideas we do here (short of animal fat intake) I thought it would be interesting to see a blog post derived from him ideas and how they compare to grok.

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    I think that the main difference is that the Gerson Therapy suggests many "COFFEE ENEMAS"!!!. But seriously...It's a great idea though.

    There is a Gerson Cancer Center in Mexico or something. They have cured some of the most incurable cancers in the world, and brought people back from some of the most unrecoverable later stages of cancer. All by just eating a healthy "primal" sort of diet, getting love and excersise, and of course "COFFEE ENEMAS"!!!.

    And what does the medical community say about it. Most say that it's a fluke, and there is no evidence that the Gerson therapy works at all.

    Of course they're more interested in having you pay them gobs of money to shoot radiation at you...ridiculous.