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  • Net Carbs or Just Carbs

    Hi Mark

    I'd love for you to discuss the issue of "net carbs". There has been a lot of discussion about it on the forums recently, and given that you give guidelines on how many carbs to consume to lose or to maintain weight, it seems like something that would be good to clarify. When you suggest 50-100 net carbs/day for effortless weight loss, I take this to mean 50-100 total carbs. Is this correct?

    My understanding of net carbs, is total carbs less any fiber. Does fiber count as carbs or not?

    Thanks so much for sharing your approach to life. It has made a big difference to me and others.

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    Mark counts fiber. 50-100 for effortless weight loss is total carbs including fiber. That's why he has keto as 50 or under. Realistically with the vegetables going primal advocates, 50 total carbs should be around 30 net carbs. If you ate 50 net carbs a day, just about everyone would be well out of the keto zone.
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      what is the KETO ZONE


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        and how did you get from 50 total to 30 NET?


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          >mfw 2012 and people are still talking about carbs
          You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!