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cure for type 2 diabetes

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  • cure for type 2 diabetes

    amazing discovery wow! where have these people been?

    Strict Low-Calorie Diet 'Defeats Diabetes' - Yahoo! News

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    Truly amazing. Though it is only a small study, it's encouraging to find medical professionals actually looking at diet as a possible culprit. It sounds like Mark's gene reprogramming was at work here.
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      Too bad their focusing on the low calorie aspect of it and not the low carb aspect of it...
      Age: 28
      Height: 6'1"
      Primal start date: July 1st 2011
      Start Weight: 275
      Current Weight: 248
      Stats below as of September 1st 2011 Tested via BodPod
      Body Fat 25.4%
      Fat Mass 63.721
      Fat Free Mass 74.6%
      Fat Free Mass 187.087
      Goal weight: 180-200 lbs(Recommended weight is around 180 for my height but that sounds low)
      Total lost so far: 27 lbs