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  • Suggestion for Sunday's web picks: this fake study about dark chocolate and weight loss. Here's a link to the article that explains how they fooled everyone with bad science. You can't believe everything you read in the media!!
    I Fooled Millions Into Thinking Chocolate Helps Weight Loss. Here's How.


    • This: I Got My Genetic Test Results. Now What? How do I interpret this thing? What do I do with the information? Especially this power vs endurance ratio - how do I incorporate this information into practice?

      Sleep Well. Meditate. Eat Right. Train for Strength. Repeat.


      • I would love to have myself or one of my coaches/authors do a guest post for you. What is the best way to proceed?


        • Dear Mark, I'm looking for advice on my workouts. I've always been a very active guy and a bit of a gym rat. Getting motivated to workout has never been an issue for me, however, I've had some serious and permanent physical ailments recently and now I'm struggling with what I can and
          cannot do in the gym. I'm only 45 and just had a total hip replacement. The doctors said I had 65 year old hips. Lucky me!!! So now sprinting and running are completely off limits. I just listened to one of your podcasts about alternatives to sprinting, but some of them involved running/sprinting in one form or another. And some of the other exercises mentioned talked about injuries to shoulders and knees, but not hips. The only real options for me are swimming, but that requires access to a pool....something I don't have....and cycling with a stationary bike. I actually ride a mountain bike for work (police officer) so this seems to be the thing for me. Only thing is it's not a stationary bike. So I guess my question is what do you suggest for someone like me with bad hips?In the course of a day I log 20-30 miles just slowly peddling around town, but I'm looking for something I can do on the bike to simulate sprinting.

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          • Mark, are there any benefits to adding letchin (non-soy based that is) as a supplement to ones' diet to help promote better health?



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            • I'd like to see you address the "potato hack" - the forum has a 220+ page topic on this. It seems like it shakes up the body and increases weight loss for a lot of people. It is so different from Primal diet recommendations that it's tough to see how/why it works. Effectively carb cycling, or could something else be going on? Thanks!


              • Dear Mark

                I had surgery for breast cancer 2 years ago where they removed quite a lot of lymph nodes in my right armpit. I have been given advice to help reduce the chances of infection or lymphedema. One of the "rules" is not to lift more than 2.5 kg with my right arm.

                Is it possible to be primal and not lift heavy things?

                Can I just use my 1.5 kg hand weights?

                Thank you in advance.

                Lizzie (ROC Mum)

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                • How to hire the best iPhone game developer.


                  • Hi, Mark & Team,

                    I have signed up for the 21 day Challenge (VERY excited) and so have been having a practice run over the last few days before these new eating habits become non-negotiable for 21 days. Iíve noticed a few changes already (Hello, headache! Goodbye, bloat!) but the change I donít understand despite all the reading, is how rock hard my nails have become in just six days. Iíve always had floppy nails that would bend over rather than scratch a leg. Today, I picked up an apple just by sinking my nails into it!

                    My question is: I get that the nail still attached to the nailbed will be affected by improved nutrition, given itís still attached to a blood supply, but how come the nail extending beyond the nailbed is changing?! That stuffís dead now, isnít it? If you trim your nails, nothing oozes out, thereís no connection anymore with the living nailbed? So how come the ends of my nails are now so solid Iím tearing holes in things by accident? How does that work?

                    Looking forward to Monday,
                    (still VERY excited)


                    • Would love to get your take on this Mark


                      • Mark -

                        I'd be honored to write a guest post for MDA. In 2009, you measured your bodyfat and got surprising results. I recently built an app to analyze bodyfat the "primal" way and tested it using your blog post. Here's an excerpt ...


                        Mike Schoeffler, Founder

                        Primal fitness applies the strengths built for caveman days to our modern lives. Cutting back on carbs, not gathering roots and grubs. Some sprints and low-intensity, less long cardio.

                        Could the same logic apply to checking fitness results? There's got to be something better than weighing in on a scale.

                        I built a fat measurement tool that relies on one of our most basic instincts - assessing fitness. We already use that ability to rank potential mates and competitors. Why not crowdsource that power, add some fancy algorithms, and quantify bodyfat?

                        We know bodyfat and lean mass are critical metrics of general health. Muscle mass provides strength and cushions your cell chemistry from glucose shocks. Excess fat is worse - it signals a poor diet and lack of activity.

                        But accurate measurement is difficult. Even experts working top-notch methods can hit bad results.


                        Please let me know where to send the full article for review.
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                          • I would mimic the style and design of 4WheelOnline with their blog how the truck parts and accessories were layed out and I would name it as all about "Life about trucks"


                            • Hi, i would like to suggest talking about indoor air pollution, i have been doing some research about it and it is such an important subject specially for people who suffer from allergies, asthma, or simply want to breathe clean air inside their houses. I recently bought an air purifier/vacuum cleaner from a local company named HYLA and i can already feel the difference.


                              • Menopause Weight Gain. I've never had a weight problem, but now that I'm menopausal I'm putting on the pounds. I have a friend who's climbing mountains all the time and she has the same problem. If the weight is caused by a hormonal change, wouldn't it make sense for the solution to be hormonal, not diet and exercise? I'll never be at the same level of fitness my friend is at, so knowing she's not losing the weight either is pretty depressing.