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    I think pot has its medicinal place for sure, but as to the myth that it impairs cognition- well, that's not a myth. I balance people's brainwaves for a living (neurofeedback) and regular pot smoking can drastically increase low frequency brainwaves in the frontal lobes where cognition (and attention) happens. It definitely affects the brain in some not-so-good ways for a lot of my clients. It's obvious on their brain maps.

    If you want to be calm, learn proper breathing techniques and meditation. You can completely alter your central nervous system through these two things. If you want to REALLY get into it, learn gigong;-)


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      Being a musician with an "in" to the local grown, I consume quite a bit. Mostly I use my vaporizor to spare my lungs. Ive battled with my use in the past, but have learned to embrace it. I think I suffered more from battling with myself over whether or not I should be using it. Now I can step back and see its not a negative force in my life. After I smoke (vaporize - no combustion, no toxins) I do yoga, stretch, do breath work, work out, or take a nap. 4 hour bar gig with the band? We smell alil funny after our "breaks". One of my favorite activites is hiking deep into the woods and smokin a fatty (sorry lungs!). Im nearly 100% primal and dont care for alcohol, makes me feel poisoned. Pot is my vice. I know I could do without it, and i have in the past and will do so in the future.


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        I don't think there's anything wrong with it. I like to do a nice big IF, max out my squat, baste a whole chicken in coconut oil and get it baking beforehand, spark up a nice Big Ass Spliff (I roll my B-A-S pure of course!) and chill out watching a comedy. I think that's way more primal than going out, getting pissed in some club and then gorging on a minging carby donner kebab. I don't care for booze either just makes me feel horrible, tired and unhappy.


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          i smoke a little bit that time of the month to relieve pain, and also it helps with some anxiety issues i have. i cant smoke alot, or eat edibles AT ALL because i get all paranoid and have anxiety attacks (the opposite of what i want to happen!!). works different for different people i guess. also it helps my IBS symptoms too which are pretty much cleared up now with clean eating and no sugar. altho i still get IBS problems happen wen i get anxious like if i have to talk infront of alot of people or im waiting to board a plane, its the worst. i spend nearly the entire time in the restrooms sick as a dog until its absolutely necessary to get on it, then im fine once im in the air (unless i have a very small toke an hour before im due to go to the airport)
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            I don't think smoking pot is totally primal, smoking anything isn't that great for your lungs. However I don't think it's any worse than alcohol, in fact I would much rather smoke a doobie than have a drink. It doesn't make me feel like crap the way alcohol does. Like anything of course it can be abused, but tons of people who smoke don't abuse it. I'm all for the legalization of it (recreationally too, not just medically).


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              I love the progression of this thread... My opinion would be, that weed is as primal as any other plant. What we DO with it is up for interpretation. Rolling it up and inhaling its smoke isn't necessarily 'Primal' because you are introducing your body to toxic chemical byproducts that damage your lung tissue. And for those who say 'vaporizer' I dont think a mechanical weed purifier falls into the category of 'live how your ancestors lived, do as they did' and it still has chemical residues, just not as much as smoking it. I believe the only real 'primal' way of USING weed is by eating it. Sautťed in butter and added to anything or made into tea (you can do the same for mushrooms).

              Now, I think its obvious that we are really debating the rationale for ingesting weed. Not weed itself. Is it primal even to ingest it? A comparison I would make is; we use rosemary to add flavor to our food. However, we dont add weed to food to add flavor (unless you really like the taste) the usage and EFFECTS of weed varies from person to person. Some get lazy, some get manic, some get creative, some THINK they're creative, some use it for meditation, I have met those workout stoners that get a mind-body connection, some say it helps with pain, and so on...

              I guess the real question is: What is the most 'Primal' reason for using weed? I doubt sitting on the couch smashing food in your face while watching A-Team reruns is the most primal activity. Meditation, pain management, working out, connecting with a group of people in a profound way.... I would say those are primal activities.... So, that would mean weed IS 'primal' only when it comes to HOW you ingest it and what you DO with it.
              Itís the idea that people living close to nature tend to be noble. Itís seeing all those sunsets that does it. You canít watch a sunset and then go off and set fire to your neighborís tepee. Living close to nature is wonderful for your mental health.


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                I think drug use (not abuse) is very primal. Indigenous people all over the world has been using some sort of drugs for some sort of use for millennia. Although I think the drugs most of the time served a specific purpose, and not taken recreationally. It might also have been only permitted by the druids or shamans of the tribe to know the use and hows of the plants producing the effect. Before battle, healing, trance etc.

                For instance, my ancestors used to do mushrooms ( before battle and even have an English word for it even to this day - berserk (
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                  ive recently switched to eating budder instead of smoking/vaporizing. Man i love it. lasts about 6 hours and can be way stronger then smoking it.

                  as far as drugs being primal, I remember reading on the internets a theory that eating phycadelic plants could have been one of the factors that developed the primate brain. I have no links, research or facts. but its an interesting thought indeed


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                    I remember reading on the internets a theory that eating phycadelic plants could have been one of the factors that developed the primate brain. I have no links, research or facts. but its an interesting thought indeed
                    it might have inspired agriculture- that way they wouldn't have to hunt around for it.
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                      Smoking cannabis in joints or pipes is almost definitely not primal, but there is evidence that ye olde ancient times it was used in large quantities during ceremonies in enclosed spaces as incense. Researchers recently found 789 grams of female cannabis in the tomb of a shaman from northern China. Bhang is a pretty primal way to enjoy cannabis, especially if you mixed in a dollop of coconut oil.

                      To throw in my 2 cents about prohibition, it's clear to me that it has failed in all of its objectives. Use in both the adult and 18 and under crowd has never stopped expanding since the Harrison Narcotic Act in 1914. It's easier for kids to get marijuana and other drugs than alcohol. This is because the state has chosen a policy of prohibition, which in reality means they have outsourced the regulation of marijuana and other drugs to the criminal market. Since property disputes regarding drugs can't be solved in courts, they are solved in bloody gang shootouts. I can't remember the last time I saw the Coors and Budweiser marketing teams killing one another.

                      The only way to stop "helping the cartels" and "helping the terrorists" (as that extremely absurd ONDCP ad after 9/11 suggested) is to legalize and regulate marijuana like we do alcohol and start taking a harm reduction approach rather than a militant criminal approach to other drugs. The Mexican drug cartels derive 80% of their income from marijuana. If the United States legalized marijuana, it would effectively cut the funding available by the cartels by 80%! I'd imagine that would knock them out of business more quickly than engaging dealers in military style raids one at a time.
                      Portugal, which has some of the most unrestrictive drug laws on the planet, has seen a decline in drug use in almost every demographic since they implemented their new laws. In the Netherlands, where marijuana is more or less legal and available to adults, teen use is lower than it is in the US and has been for over a decade.

                      Whether you love drugs, hate drugs, or don't give a damn about drugs, our current system of prohibition harms you every day by maintaining a massive criminal edifice that takes up the majority of the time of law enforcement. It would be to everyone's benefit to move towards a system where adults are responsible for what they choose to put in their bodies and bear the consequences of those choices.
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                        Originally posted by Diana Renata View Post
                        I'd say it's as Primal as tobacco...
                        What?! I put Marijuana buds in my salad all the time! I never put tobacco in my salad. Sheesh, some people...


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                          Agreed! It is hard to deny pure logic.


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                            primal? im not really sure...
                            benificial to some.. yes

                            i usually train super hard and sometimes after a long day of surfing and rolling(bjj) i like to use my vaporizer before bed.helps relax my whole body, and get a good nights rest... call me crazy but it works for me, and other i train with "roll" high... i cant do that because im not as explosive and usually tired when i smoke.

                            legal issue?
                            when i was in europe everyone and there mother seemed to smoke
                            and now i live in cali, where everyone has a card, so you can be a user and not abuse the law
                            only downside to weed is it can be a expensive "tool" to your training regimin.. or expensive hobby in general!


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                              Smoking it is probably not primal, but if marijuana is baked into brownies, it should be totally primal.

                              Seriously, I haven't used the weed in almost 40 years. I'm sure smoking it would not be primal, but what about making a tea with it? That comes to mind because of Jean Auel's Earth's Children series, in which the main character drinks tea made with datura several times and gets super high. Just seems that our long-ago ancestors would have known a thing or two about mind altering plants, even if they didn't have Top rolling papers.
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                                Originally posted by Mike in Virginia View Post
                                ...but what about making a tea with it? That comes to mind because of Jean Auel's Earth's Children series...
                                That reminds me of the movie Grandma's Boy if anything...
                                Are you a college student, trying to navigate college while being Primal? Do you know any other PB college students on a tight budget? Heck, for that matter, are YOU trying to live Primal on a budget? Enroll at Primal University!

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