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    Vibrant Elders:

    I'm 54 years old, but I've made every mistake in the book. I've been both a 240 lb. couch potato, and a 140 lb. overtrained cardio machine, which truly broke me.

    Now I'm following the Primal Blueprint to bring myself back to health, and I wonder if you would address the very different journey an older, injured person might take. In terms of Grok (and Grokette), what can a Primal Elder aspire to? How would an older or injured Grok/ette heal themselves? What, if anything, do we need to recover and rejuvenate? How might our journey differ from a youthful Grok? How do we take the Blueprint and modify it?

    Most of the regular posters on the Forum seem to be young-ish, I would love to hear more about thriving or recovering older folks following the Blueprint.

    Thank you so much for all your fine work, Mark. After less than a week on the Primal Blueprint, I feel better than I have in years, and I'm hopeful for the first time since having my spinal fusions two years ago that there *is* a way back to healthy life.

    Thank you!!!


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    I love the idea of the Primal Elder! Great post.


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      What's your injury?


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        Excellent idea!

        I'm one of the young-ish Grokettes, but I'm interested in exploring a new career around helping people overcome metabolic syndrome via appropriate nutrition, and many of my future clients will fall into the category you describe.

        It seems to me that primal/paleo has a lot to offer people who are simply looking to regain normal, healthy lives (as opposed to an athletic ideal).

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          Regardless of the age, healing and recovery will be based on the following factors

          Quality of food/water, and intake

          Quality of sleep, preferentially between 10PM-6AM

          Getting Sunlight (Just wait for how much comes out on the healing powers of the sun over the next few years)

          Breathing/meditation: Never have more mental clarity then after deep breathing/meditation

          Stress management/relaxation

          Efficiency of movement/exercise

          Being old is a limit most set on themselves. If you could manage to get your hands on the photos or at-least some of the photos from the tribes of Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price... you'll be amazed. 70 plus year olds with six packs and vibrant faces. It's amazing.

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            I am 51. Don't know if that makes me an elder or not, but why not? For me, it has been easier to concentrate on the nutrition part first. I do walk fairly regularly, garden, etc., but nothing planned otherwise. However, I just bought my first kettlebell and I feel so good that I am looking forward to some "heavy lifting" (at least 20 lbs, haha) and some sprinting (once the snow melts).


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              I am 46 w/autoimmune disease-RA & i attack life w/same intensity as someone half my age. the one thing i have learned to do is REST when the bod says REST. i no longer push through exhaustion like i did when i was younger and this serves me so well in the longer run now. eating this way and turning my exercise into shorter but more intense sessions has sent my energy levels skyrocketing----until i need to rest, then i rest! and i intersperse those jacked up exercise sessions with calmer movement sessions like long walks (even outdoors in winter)and they balance each other out beautifully. keep at it, tinker and you will find what works best for you.


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                My injury: after overtraining on Crossfit combined with long-distance cycling, I developed osteoathritis of the cervical spine and spinal stenosis with myelopathy, meaning the bones of my neck were causing compression of the spinal cord. I was getting weaker and weaker from it.

                I had to have two surgeries to stablize my neck and now I have fusions from C3 to C7. This happened to me at a time in my life of extraordinary stress and it has taken me nearly two full years to recover.