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Help! Losing Weight but not Body Fat (at least so much)

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  • Help! Losing Weight but not Body Fat (at least so much)

    Ok, here's the deal. I am a 5'7" 46 year old man who, about 2 1/2 to 3 years ago weighed upwards of 230 lbs. I was on the verge of diabetes, had sleep apnea and was heading downwards fast.
    Suddenly, an epiphany, I needed to lose weight, fast!
    So I stopped sugar, grains, most dairy and legumes.
    I shed weight fast, and within 8 months got down to 157 lbs.
    Then I wanted to gain muscle mass, started doing protein shakes and increasing my caloric intake. Got back into the upper 160s.
    I had a personal trainer friend body fat test me with calipers and found out that I was at 22% body fat.
    Dang it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ...Gained a few more pounds and got to 174 lbs and started looking pudgy. This was not working!
    Have gone back to monitoring caloric intake, stopped the sugar no more protein shakes etc and have now seen the weight going down.
    Today, I went to see my friend again and had him caliper test me. 22% body fat again. AAAAARGH! Carrying most if it in my upper back and some around my waist. He said I am definately looking more muscular but recommended working towards losing 7% body fat.
    I'm frustrated and disgusted!
    Help, please....

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    Are you sprinting? That has been the best thing I have done for speeding up the weight loss and improving muscle mass. That and lift heavy things. Good luck and let us know how you are doing.
    Height - 5'8"
    SW - 191
    CW - 162
    GW - 155

    Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. Leave the rest to God.


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      22% body fat is pretty good considering where you were before you decided to get healthy. and, while i'm sure your friend did great, calipers are horrible at getting accurate measurements.

      anyway, losing more fat is going to be difficult. getting down to 15% isn't impossible though. just keep it primal and be patient. if you want to drop a little fast, i've noticed that an almost all protein, low calorie diet for a week will probably drop percentage or two...but obviously that's not sustainable.
      otherwise, keep looking through the forums for tweaks and hacks like different fasting protocols and stuff. patience is the best strategy you can use though.


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        Thanks Guys (and Gals) for the great input. I was obviously very frustrated when I posted but I have turned that disappointment into oppurtunity. I have started adding spring interval training, slow long walks, 5X5s into my routine as well as intermittent (or intermittant) fasting. Have really started losing more weight and seeing the differences now. Oh, am keeping the diet Primal apart from a carbo back load every now and then. Keeping it real and 'nuff said!