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  • Sleep apnea

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    I agree! Also this should be a topic covered particularly because so many people seeiking primal start out obese and having apnea makes it hard to lose weight and puts your body in chronic stress. Weigh loss can really help apnea though if too much fat in the throat is causing the obstruction!!!!


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      I am male, maybe 13-14% body fat, so not overweight at all. I have significant sleep apnea issues. So it is not a condition related only to obesity.


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          I agree! My normal-weight adolescent daughter suffered sleep apnea for years, and it wasn't diagnosed. I didn't realize young non-obese people could have it. We thought she was depressed; one doctor diagnosed her with ADHD (because sleep deprivation interfered with concentration). Large adenoids and a deviated septum were the cause - neither of which will be cured by eating habits. More power to those who can discard their CPAP machines as a result of paleo, but don't do it without a sleep study.



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            I was underweight as a kid and slept really poorly. In college, I was on the low end of a normal BMI and started waking up gasping every now and then. I have a healthy physique, but lots of bad pollen allergies that I think contributes to the mild sleep apnea. I know I don't have a deviated septum. I've never had a sleep study done, I just sleep without a pillow (when lying on my back) and that works well.
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