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Seborrheic dermatitis - help me!

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  • Seborrheic dermatitis - help me!

    Dear mark(and everybody else here),

    My name is Tove, is a 22 years old girl in Sweden. Since I was about ten years old I have had a problem with my scalp. It's itchy, flaky and fat. When it first appeared, it was just a small spot on my head and didn't give me any big troubles that made me seek help for it. I have very thick hair and was at this time a very active swimmer, which I thought together was the cause of my problem. About three years ago I quit swimming, and when it didn't get better I went to see a dermatologist. Seborrheic Dermatitis was the diagnose, and I got a lotion called Elocon. It worked as a temporary solution but it came back when I stopped using it. About one year ago, I went primal 90% of the time. My problems acctually got worse. Today I have it on almost my whole scalp and since about two months ago also in my ears.

    Since about three years ago I got yeast problems wich culminated about one year ago. Bowel pains and food allergies appeared - especially with sugar, milk and wheat. After reading a lot about systemic candida at this time, I started a 100% candida diet. The yeast problem(bowel pains, bloating, lack of energy, acne, foggy brain..) esased a lot, but the scalp problems got worse.

    Tody I eat a lot of vegestables, around 4 eggs every day(non-free range), meat almost everyday(non-organic), wild fish and shrimps(once a week), sauerkraut, macadamianut oil, coconut oil, some aged cheese now and then, coconut milk, olive oil, nuts, seeds and rarely fruit. In addition I take Rainbow light multivitamin, D-vitamin, Lugol's solution iodine, probiotics and a fish oil supplement. I have tried different herb schampoos, simple ones to the even more simple like Dr. Bronners. None of them have helped me.

    I know stand here with my itchy scalp and feel a bit hopeless. What do you think is the root of this problem? How can I get rid of it?

    Thank you so much for reading!


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    Hi I also had the same problem. From me it started when I moved from Hawaii to winter in New Jersey, at first I thought it was climate change. I tried everything to get rid of it though it was my diet but it just wouldn't go away. I was getting so tired of seborrheic dermatitis, I went to this organic store by my house and found this shampoo call grandpa's pine tar for seborrhea and psoriasis and organic tea tree conditioner. Literally 3 days of using it and combing my hair it was completely gone I've been using it since and it hasn't come back. The thing is the shampoo kind of smells like a camp fire but its worth the relif


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      I dealt with perioral dermatitis for over a year before I fixed it. It is similar to seborrheic dermatitis. It was around my mouth, nose and chin.

      I went very low carb as you did, thinking I had candida. I think this is what actually made my health in general, far worse. However, I started supplementing with l-glutamine daily on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. I'd wait at least 30 minutes to an hour before eating or drinking anything.

      L-glutamine is an amino acid that lines our intestines. I've talked to Paul Jaminet at and he actually told me that l-glutamine is treated like carbs by the body. I would have done just fine eating a potato. Mind = BLOWN!

      Anyway, my dermatitis was gone within ONE MONTH of dosing with l-glutamine. I started with 5 grams a day and made my way up to 20. You must do this gradually, otherwise you will be in the worst abdominal distress of your life.

      I would seriously consider eating some starch, like white or sweet potatoes. Fuck candida. I feel there is a serious amount of misinformation about it on the internet, and naturopaths make a lot of money telling you that you absolutely have it, and must take hundreds of dollars worth of supplements to get rid of it.

      Lastly, my wife is Swedish, and her family is a lovely bunch. You Swedes are just so kind I would love to visit Sweden one day.

      Do not hesitate to ask any questions of me. I'm happy to help. Dermatitis quite literally ruined my life for a while!
      A Post-Primal PrimalPat

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        Hi Tove
        I have exactly same problem as you . I am 32 and started having troubles around your age too. I also have elecon lotion from Dr but when stop applying it it comes back, very frustrating I would love to find something more natural to keep it away. I do find in summer here in Australia mine is better with the sun and salt seems to help. I'm also just read about seabuckthorn oil. It's made from a berry grown in Himalayas and sounds like it could have work. I'm going to try it u should try to. Hope it works . Good luck


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          My seborrhea dermatitis got worse when I first went primal. I finally figured out it was triggered by nuts. Try the autoimmune/low lectin paleo for a month or so and then add each food group back in for a couple of weeks to see if it triggers you again. No eggs, coffee, dairy, nuts, or nightshades in addition to the normal primal diet.

          It was a problem I had since childhood. I can eliminate it 100% by keeping nuts out of my diet.
          Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )


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            I recently got rid of my own dermatitis and wanted to share the solution. This is pasted from my profile (quick summary: it was a fungal infection of the gut (not candida though)) --

            After years of struggling with Seborrheic Dermatitis I have finally gotten rid of it and require no application of any special creams or treatments. I finally have normal skin! This is how I did it:

            I had been reading a lot about the gut microbiome and convinced myself my gut was somehow the culprit of my health issues. I did a comprehensive stool analysis to analyze my gut pathogens, bacteria, and fungi. The test was done by Genova Diagnostics and in cooperation with my functional medicine doctor. At over $300 it wasn't cheap but felt it necessary to eliminate any outside possibilities. The results came back with identification of a fungal overgrowth in my gut of an unknown species.

            Treatment involved various herb supplements (in my profile) and an anti-fungal diet (google it). I did this for over a month and even though my symptoms did not improve I re-did the lab test and was extremely disappointed to discover I still had the fungal overgrowth.

            Luckily, my PCP is open to my suggestions and prescribed a medical anti-fungal after I suggested it (fluconazole, 100 mg tab @ once per day for 2 weeks). After about a week of this my symptoms began to disappear. After the two week treatment they were gone completely. For the first time in almost a decade I had no flakes on my scalp, no redness on my chest, no irritation on my face! I felt like a new person.

            After years of trying numerous shampoos, home remedies, vitamins, supplements, and going to the dermatologist several times only to have NO improvement in my dermatitis I was getting frustrated. The initial failure of an anti-fungal diet to help also led me to believe all this stuff was snake oil and the conventional docs were right about the gut microbiome not being legitimate medicine practice. Well, this is unequivocal proof for me. I hope other people suffering skin conditions will consider spending some of their money to get their gut health looked at. It was the best health decision I've ever made. Also, please understand I am not suggesting all dermatitis is caused by fungus in the gut, but there are numerous other contributing factors that could be contributing in your own microbiome (parasites, pathogens, bacteria, etc). Maybe someday this will be covered by the health insurance companies!


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              I've signed up to specifically post to this thread! I been a follower of MDA for over a year and although not 100% primal, I follow the diet mostly (cost, culture, and time are a few excuses I make to not being 100% primal!) and I've had seborrheic dermatitis for many years now, always had a dodgy scalp but only got this horrible redness on my face from when I was about 19 (22 now). I've tried many things to get rid of it, some things helped, some didn't and a few weeks I accidentally discovered CELERY seems to have reduced if not gotten rid of it! Seriously can't recommend this enough, just happen to have a shake that contained it and noticed the redness decreased. since then I've had a stick a day and my skin has improved so much. Try it and let me know how you get on, hope this helps.


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                I've been dealing with seborreic dermatitis for over 22 years. Extremely frustrating. Nothing has worked and I've spent thousands of dollars on antifungal herbs and creams. I'm at my wits end. I did try the glutamine but not to 20 grams. Also gonna try the celery. When you have this you try anything!


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                  Originally posted by Diego View Post
                  I've been dealing with seborreic dermatitis for over 22 years. Extremely frustrating. Nothing has worked and I've spent thousands of dollars on antifungal herbs and creams. I'm at my wits end. I did try the glutamine but not to 20 grams. Also gonna try the celery. When you have this you try anything!
                  Have you tried an antifungal diet as well? I find that my skin is good if I am strict about following anti-fungal diet (basically The Bulletproof diet). It is a slow change (several weeks) but if I stick with it my dermatitis almost disappears entirely. Herbs and creams can help too but I feel diet is a huge contributer. A big trigger I've found is alcohol. If I am good for awhile and then have a few drinks I'll be back to square one.


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                    Yes I followed an antifungal diet for years. No grains, dairy, alcohol or sugar. Extremely low carb and higher fat. I'm extremely careful with my omega 3/6 ratio as to prevent inflammation. Eat lots of coconut oil. Trust me, if there was a way, I've tried it.


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                      I also have sleep apnea which causes me to have higher cortisol levels due to the low oxygen, this in turn raises cortisol so I wake and breathe again, my blood sugars are high in the mornings (due to the high cortisol) about 110, which is high for being low carb. The high sugar feeds the fungus/candida/ seborreic conditions.. Now I'm not saying that when I'm very strict with the diet that the contusion doesn't get better, but sometimes it doesn't matter how strict I am, specially when the weather is really cold


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                            Then, what is the answer? I am suffering from this.

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                              I am, too. I've been using baking soda (a tablespoon per shower!) and tea tree oil (about 1/2 teaspoon that's 1/10th tea tree and 9/10ths Dr. Bronner's soap) to wash with, and then a rinse with kombucha vinegar (since we have it left over from Knifegill's kombucha and we don't have any apple cider vinegar), and it seems to help. It still isn't all the way gone, though, and I've been trying this for two weeks...