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Using Pineapple to Culture Veggies, anyone?



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  • Using Pineapple to Culture Veggies, anyone?

    Read that great posting on how to culture veggies for the good probiotic cooties it provides, totally believe that, I'm a big believer of having an abundant microbiome. Our childrens' nanny, who is from El Salvador, makes a delicious version of it starting with a pineapple, she calls it curtido, and it is wonderful. She cuts off the outer skin of the pineapple, with a fair amount of flesh still on it, and throws it in a large, maybe 2-3 gallon jar, adds water till half full, lets that ferment at room temp for a few days. No added culture (I imagine there's plenty in the outer pineapple skin), just a loose glass lid that lets gas out. She'll usually give some of the juice to the kids on the second-third days. It gets pretty foamy, she spoons that out with a ladle after a few days, and removes the pineapple pieces also. Then adds salt, lots of oregano, chilis, garlic, and veggies, usually cabbage, shredded carrots, onion, celery, cukes, cauliflower, and more water. Lets that sit for another week, scoops out any foam or mold that may accumulate (the mold doesn't hurt) and goes in the fridge. It has only a hint of sweet, the sugar from the pineapple gets used up as fuel for fermentation (I know that from home-brewing beer). But it is Delicious! Really potent, strong flavors. The pineapple brew as a starter gives the veggies a wonderful citrus tang. (Disclaimer: I may be missing something in her process, I'm not there all day watching her make it, and she's not overly-interested in explaining every little step to me, she just makes it.) I looked up Curtido on the web, but it's nothing like she makes it. Anyone tried or heard of this before?

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    There's a thing called Tepache, which is like a pineapple beer. But never heard of Curtido before.