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Unanticipated side effects of going Primal



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  • Unanticipated side effects of going Primal

    I've been primal since early January, and I have to warn you about some unanticipated side effects I've experienced.

    1. All of my pants started falling off of me.
    2. I kept feeling that I lost my wallet because I couldn't feel it in my pocket.
    3. I now need an extra layer of clothes to stay warm.
    4. My wedding ring fell off in the shower and will have to be stashed during Ultimate this summer.

    I'm 5'11", and I went from 205 pounds to 155, so that probably explains it. I had no idea how "skinny fat" I was until doing this, which allowed this weight loss to happen while experiencing less hunger than I used to.

    On the positive side, I've had these unintended side effects:

    1. I'm able to breathe through my nose much more easily and often.
    2. My gum-line scraping at my dental cleaning didn't hurt, when it usually hurts a lot.
    3. My stomach stopped waking me up in the morning to eat.
    4. My digestion stopped hurting, and I nearly stopped farting completely.
    5. I'm no longer hypoglycemic, and no longer on the path toward diabetes (presumably).

    Stay primal, everyone!

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    If these are the side effects, count me in (all except losing the wedding ring, pity 'bout that one).

    Well done Galactic Dev!
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      LOL yeah what is with the farting thing I was just thinking that yesterday.

      Great job with the weight lose that is amazing!


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        Another side effect-- I've worn 4 different sizes of pants this year. (36, 34, 32, and 30 inch waists). Good thing I buy secondhand clothes!


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          The op shop is your friend

          I really got used to shopping secondhand after I spent good money on a new pair of jeans which immediately became too small.
          My first journal -


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            Don't forget, the reaction timing is even more fast! I'm really in touch with my instincts!

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