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Any starchy carbs cause weight gain?!



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  • Any starchy carbs cause weight gain?!

    Hello, all. I come seeking yet another diet plan to help me get rid of some weight. For the past 4 years I've been an off/on HCG dieter doing probably 8 rounds. Now when I attempt HCG my body simply revolts against the low calories and I can't stay on it. I think it must have screwed up my body/metabolism. For the past 1.5 yrs I've been trying other diets. I tried calorie counting and exercise with eating paleo, raw food diet, low carb, nothing. So I end up getting frustrated within a couple of weeks of not seeing the scale budge and throw in the towel, eat some carbs. When I eat any type of carbs-sweet potato, cookies, sugar, bread, carbs in salad dressings-regardless of if I only eat 200 calories of carbs the next day I will gain at least 3 lbs. If I continue to eat even small amounts of carbs the weight just keeps piling on. It does not seem to just be "water weight" as if I continue this way (even for a week) the inches and clothing size goes up. I can gain 8 lbs a week if I go nuts eating out, eating bread, etc. I do feel like crap when I eat carbs or sugar so try not to.

    I am not sure what to do next. I am reading a lot about the leptin reset and cold therapy thinking it could reset me. I have had labs done (went to an endocrinologist) and all are normal (thryoid, HS CRP, cortisol). My sleep wake cycles are spot on, I sleep well, wake up ready to go, love my job. I don't feel stressed and enjoy life (other than being fat). I have energy but working out caused weight gain so I stopped. I do have food sensativities and have recovered from a leaky gut and SIBO about 6 months ago. My health has improved but now its this darn weight! I'm female, 40, 194 lbs, 5ft7in. Glad to be here, hope I can find my truth.

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    Eating good food and maintaining > Eating crap and gaining

    I would say just keep it going with good eating, make that your goal rather than weight loss. Know that you are doing the right thing for health and let that be the reward.
    You had SIBO...are you sure it's gone? Are you eating enough fermented stuff and prebiotics and taking probiotics? These things can take a long time to reverse and heal.


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      I'm not sure the leptin or CT protocols will reset your metabolim. By chance, did your labs include a Reverse T3. Probably not, but one would benefit the leptin discussion. Are you frequently hungry? There would be nothing wrong with following a leptin reset, but you'll have be very patient for about 8 weeks. Won't hurt, might help. See Jack Kruse's Leptin Reset Rx for the best guidance.

      Your quick weight gain following carb intake is glycogen that holds a lot of water with considerable weight. Yes, continuing high carbs after glycogen stores are filled adds weight gain as fat. Have you reviewed Mark's Carb Curve on this site?

      You'll see similarities in Mark's and Dr. Kruse's macro recommendations, except for the leptin reset, timing is critical. My advice. Follow Mark's macro balance, but Kruse's timing recommendations.
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