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    Greetings all. My name is Brian. I am 15 days in on the primal lifestyle. I had first heard about Mark listening to the Joe Rogan podcast a few weeks ago. It spawned an interest to take a look at the website and read the reviews on his books on Amazon. Nothing more. Then on a business trip, checked out of my hotel, hit the panera and ate breakfast and went back to the car. When I got in, I split my pants from knee to groin and had to find and empty section of the shopping center to change my pants in. When the expletives ceased I made the decision to change. I bought the 21 day book and the 90 day journal.

    Week #1 I shed 12 pounds and now 15 days in a total of 16. I have ditched grains and legumes completely and feel pretty good so far.

    I am a fairly active person, I swim and lift weights regularly but was not losing pounds and muscle gain was slow I am hoping to compete in an open water swimming event this summer, so I will be investing in Primal Endurance very shortly.

    I have always been overweight to some extent. A few years ago I lost a dramatic amount of weight in a years time 100+ pounds. I was active and I thought what I was doing as far as exercise and diet was doing it, but alas come to find I have a hyperactive thyroid. Many pills at very dosages over the years to normalize the thyroid hasn't help keep the weight off. So now I'm here, and excited to say I think things are going to improve.

    So howdy from Ohio! Look forward to enjoying the conversations and inspiration.

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    Welcome aboard. We're glad you're here. Almost everyone here, got here because of some kind of crisis. But, I have to say that your "split pants" story is among the funniest I've read.
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      Hi Brian from a fellow Ohio resident.
      You've lost a lot in two weeks, expect that rapid loss to decrease significantly as you move forward. It sounds like you are hitting all the right buttons to have good success with Primal. Just remember to "hang tough"with it if/when you hit one of those annoying plateaus. FWIW I averaged just over 1 lb/wk for a year in getting to where I am now, and stable now for a long time, still following pretty much "plain vanilla" PB.
      The Buck stops here. I am responsible for my past and my future. So for today: I choose to be happy. I will seek wisdom. I will be a servant to others. I will greet this day with a forgiving spirit.


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        Hi Brian, you came to this site the same way I did. I heard Mark on Rogan and it peaked my interested. I too feel much better now and am looking forward to the changes to come. Don't feel bad about the pants, I had a similar situation where I tried to put on a pair for a meeting and couldn't button them...threw them in the garbage out of anger vowing to change my ways.

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          I just came back to the forum recently. It's great you are starting a primal lifestyle! You will learn so much more about yourself, your body and what things you like and don't like! Being pretty much primal for three years, I learned to love to cook from scratch. I recognize how grassed meats tastes much better than conventionally raised meats, also I learned to love and make my own nut milks! Welcome to the community and good luck on your primal journey!