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Newbie check in...any military out there?

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  • Newbie check in...any military out there?

    Howdy, I have been Groking it for about a month now, cannot believe how great I feel! Any other military out there? I am curious how you have made the adjustment on the mess decks/ chow hall...

    Best Regards,

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    Hi Todd, I'm on week one of this Primal thing full force, though I've been playing around with the Crossfit "meats & vegetables, nuts & seeds, some fruit, a little starch, no sugar" for a while, so Primal isn't completely new. I'm still figuring it out, but I'm a contractor currently at Camp Slayer, Iraq - so I will let you know how the mess hall food selection goes.

    Overall, it's not too bad so far. There's almost always some form of meat around, even if it's often times chicken on the hot grill, and I'm sure the steak they serve on Friday's is NOT grass-fed, but at least it's steak! :-) The only milk we see is the boxed stuff bought somewhere in the mid-east (all the arabic writing gives it away), which is fine - a lot of folks on MDA drink milk, but a lot of Mark's posts talk about "cows milk is for baby cows," so you'll want to figure out where you stand on that one. And the fruit is spotty - sometimes good, sometimes bad, but again, you'll find on MDA that Mark puts out "fruit was a luxury for Grok, not a staple" so I tend to eat up lots of fruit when it's good and avoid it when it's not. But the salad bar is always stocked, even if it's the same thing EVERY day. Once in a while they'll set up the carving station with some good meat on it, including Prime Rib, so I get a good source of meat-fat there. They usually have nuts on the saladbar, too, though you've got to pick through the mixed nuts to find the almonds, walnuts, and brazil nuts, and they are salted. Sometimes, I'll get into the sandwhich line and have them scoop the tuna (or sometimes tuna-salad with mayo for extra fat) onto my plate and then I couple that with a salad. And of course, there's always hard boiled eggs and bacon for breakfast, and our chow hall just now opened up eggs to order, so I'll throw in the occassional scrambled eggs with veggies (I call it a primal omelet!) I drink my coffee without cream, so black coffee is black coffee, which is good because they only have the foo-foo creamer and not real heavy cream for coffee. And you can't walk anywhere that I've been in Iraq without having at least 2 pallets of water bottles in any given location, so I drink plenty of water, too.

    I also try some work arounds. The PX always has beef jerkey, so I buy plain or peppered (not the teriyaki or anything with a sugary coat/flavor) and keep that on hand. I also asked my exwife and/or mom to send care packages with Free Range nuts (almonds and walnuts) which are plain and not salted/roasted - way better - and keep those on hand for a snack in a pinch, too. Sometimes my dad will make venison jerky and send some out here, which is always pretty good.

    I've talked to a couple other military guys going primal, too, and their biggest challenge, especially the infantry bubbas, is when they are outside the wire for long periods - MREs are certainly NOT primal. But at that point they are working so hard and lugging so much kit (especially now that, here in Iraq, we've already had a couple days over 120F) that they don't really worry about what they are eating. If you're on a ship, I don't expect you'd have that problem (guessing from the BDU style in your avatar and "mess deck.").

    For other resources, check out Robb Wolf's site ( - GREAT source of info on both primal/paleo living as well as intermittent fasting...which again is easy to do out here, especially if you're working outside and it's 120 in the shade...

    Good luck, and take care.
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      Dave that is a great link, thank you! You are correct with regard to the branch (I am currently in an amphibious construction battalion) Trust me, a ship provides it's own set of primal challenges. We have blown through a majority of our food (which is full of preservatives) and ate corn dogs for 3 day straight.

      Thank you for giving the benefit of your experience, I appreciate all you guys do in country and in harms way.

      Stay safe and good hunting.