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  • Hello from Tennessee!

    Hello, my name is Trevor. I went primal a few years ago after reading Neanderthin by Ray Audette (great book, out of print now). Despite being a life-long athlete, I was always heavy. Within 4 months of going primal, I lost around 70 lbs. It was almost effortless! friends were shocked that I'd lost so much weight so quickly. They were even more shocked when they'd see me eat a pound of beef in one sitting. I ate primal for the next few years and loved every minute of it. Then......

    about a year ago I started dating this girl, my schedule got very hectic ( I realize these are not good excuses!) and I started falling off the wagon. A few indian buffets and Mexican restaurants later, and I've gained 30+ lbs in just a few months! Good thing I know how to loose it.

    I've gotten my act together and started eating right about 2 weeks ago. I've already dropped about 5 lbs, and I feel wonderful. I'd actually forgotten how good I felt when I ate this way. Of course, I have loads of energy now, but there is something else that this diet makes me feel that is harder to explain. I guess the best way to describe it would be optimism. When I eat primally, I tend to just feel better about life, more enthusiastic. This is hard to explain to people, but I'm sure some of you know exactly what I'm talking about.

    I look forward to sharing and learning from you folks. I'd also love to connect with some fellow East Tennesseans on here....


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    Not from East Tennessee but another Tennessean here! Looking for some support in this new way of life! I have about 80 lbs I'd like to lose. I did a modified low-carb (The Insulin Resistance Diet) for 4 months - combined with walking - and lost about 20 lbs. Since January I've been stuck. I've been lurking here and reading on the internet, tried CW, tried vegetarian, tried this and fell off the wagon.... but everything seems to lead me back here - I just am not as hungry when I eat primal!and so I'm giving it another go. I need a confidence boost because I love bread and pasta - but if I see results it will make it easier to give those things up. My mom was a diabetic and I don't want to end up in the same place. I'm also working a lot (50+ hours a week) and so devoting a lot of time to preparing food is going to be tough.

    Anyway just wanted to introduce myself!


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      Hello Nashville Gal. I live in Knoxville, and make it over your way occasionally. This is definitely the diet to be on. If you stay on it, you WILL loose all the weight you want! If you get stuck, just go a little more hardcore. There's a sort of spectrum of primal eating that can result in faster or slower weight loss. It may be different for others, but I've found that bananas and milk will stop my weight loss in its tracks.

      Also, make sure you're getting lots of fat. When I first tried this diet a few years ago, I was eating tons of veggies and a moderate amount of very lean meat, primarily chicken breasts. I ate that way for around 4 months and saw almost no weight loss. After reading some sources on the importance of animal fat, I switched to eating mostly red meat, with a few vegetables here and there. The only fruit I'd eat was 1 apple or plum a day. It was like someone flipped a switch and the fat started to melt off like magic!

      Since you're in Nashville, if you're interested in a good source of grass fed meats, raw milk, and butter, I highly recommend you look up West Wind Farms online. They do farmers markets and neighborhood deliveries in Nashville and Knoxville. Their meat is exquisite and they are very nice people. here's a short video about them


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        Thanks for the reply Trevor! I will look into that. Neighborhood deliveries would be great. A friend of mine in the Bellevue area is in a CSA, I'm closer to the Brentwood side though.

        I have started keeping track of my food on Fitday (I was using Sparkpeople, and while that has an easier search engine in terms of finding "pre-packaged" foods to log, it doesn't have the nifty graphs that Fitday has). In two days of tracking, I do already see that I'm having trouble getting the fat up where it needs to be. I guess eating more red meat will solve that? I already have made these baked egg muffins with veggies in them for breakfast for the week.

        I also see that having more than one serving of fruit makes it difficult to stay below 100 grams of carbs. What do you find are good mid-afternoon snacks? I don't think I have a problem with dairy, at least not yet.

        That being said, I am feeling pretty good. I find that what I'm eating is healthy, and I'm eating more veggies than ever. Plus it is not that difficult if I happen to go out to eat. A steak with mushrooms and a glass of wine? Is that dieting or is that living? LOL

        I need some quick lunch suggestions. I do good on Monday but as the week (and my hours at this desk) progress, it gets more tempting to grab a BOX of something.

        I have to also start walking again. The hours I've been keeping have made it hard to keep up with that and have made it difficult to get more than 6 hours of sleep. I think I may wait until I'm sure the low-carb flu has passed before I jump into exercise. I'm trying to be kinder and gentler with myself this time.


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          Welcome from you're NC neighbor. I live about 30 minutes from Johnson City.


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            Hey good to see some more TN folks on here!! I'm from west TN. Wish you guys all the best in living your primal life style and in reaching your goals.


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              NashvilleGal, I'm back in school now, but when I was working a desk job for a few years, lunch was always a challenge. I'm one of those people that gets up with just enough time to shower and rush to work, which means I never brought food to work with me. What I did then was find some places I could eat healthily at. The two I ate at most were the hotbar at Earthfare (similar to Whole foods) and Moes. Moes has a salad that has chunks of steak on it that's really great. Yeah, it's probably not the best quality meat, but it ain't so bad... In a pinch, you can always find a restaurant with a salad bar or something.

              After eating this way for a while, I find that I'm not very hungry, and have no need for snacks. However, when in an office environment, people are always bringing in cakes, cookies, etc. It's easier to fight off the temptation if you have some sort of treat of your own around. you can always just eat an apple.


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                Any more Tennesseans lurking on here?

                I'm in Nashville.


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                  I'm in Nashville too!


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                    hi from west tn
                    yeah you are

                    Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.


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                      Former Tennessean in Georgia, but I love Tennessee! Also brand new to the forum, but eating "almost" primal since March without knowing it. Just wanted to say welcome to the forum and good luck to all of you living in one of my favorite states!
             We don't do cupcakes.
             We still don't do cupcakes.


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                        Primal in nashville here too. Just found the west nashville farmers market last month. It's so nice not to have to drive down town all time.


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                          Hey--I'm in Knoxville!

                          I buy meat from West Wind too...but I need to get a freezer so I can buy more in bulk. I also buy meat at Earthfare, esp. when they have specials.

                          I gained a lot of weight when I moved to Kville because I have NEVER lived in such a car dependent environment, so incidental exercise (walking/biking/running errands w/o a car in big cities is v. primal, I now realize). Also, the air here is pretty bad and I think it makes me less energetic. Primal is helping a lot though.

                          Finally, I find winter a more physically strenuous season, tromping through snow regularly, shoveling and scraping, wearing an extra 10 lbs of clothing and dealing with dramatic temp changes and so forth helps: not having a real winter down here (I am from Canada originally, and moved here from Minnesota) also bogged me down in a strange way. I do NOT miss shoveling, cold or any of that and love the weather here mentally and physically, but I don't think it was good for my body on a deeper level.

                          In any event, I am fighting it. Good to see Tennesseans here.


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                            Hey, Hey, Hey ! Lexington, TN reporting here.

                            We are 15 miles North of Lexington, very near to Clarksberg.

                            Grok On, fellow Tennesseans. PS) Tennessee is 2nd in the nation for Obesity. We need to teach all of our neighbors to buy the Primal Blueprint.

                            Best of health to all,
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                              I knew we were in the top 10 for obesity, but did not realize it was #2. Based on the gain I experienced, I am not surprised.

                              TN is also in the top ten for prescription drug/antidepressant use, I believe, and Kville is top 10 for worst air.