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Any Whole30 transitioners out there?



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  • Any Whole30 transitioners out there?


    I'm on Day 27 of a Whole30, and I'm decided to transition to a primal lifestyle. I have approximately 10 days on my calendar over the next two months where I've allowed myself to eat and drink items that I normally wouldn't (e.g., Day 31 of my W30, Christmas day, the office Christmas luncheon, etc.). I started a journal (From Whole30 to Primal) that has much more information about why I'm here and what I want to accomplish.

    I'm curious if there are any other W30 alums on MDA. How was/is the transition?

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    Hi there bbuoy. You are a few days ahead of me on my W30. I am on day 22. I actually have been (mostly) primal for about a year and a half now, and am doing the W30 to "reset" to 100% primal, and get a good handle on just what food I have minor sensitivities to.

    I am planning on NOT going crazy on day 31, and in fact, doing the transition/reintroduction of things as outlined in the book, as this is a golden opportunity to see how various foods affect you, one at a time. so on day 31, I plan on going whole hawg on legumes, which I haven't eaten since I went primal: hummus with veg for morning, chili with beans for the peanut butter, as it really smells mildew-y now... Then I am going to wait and see how I feel for a few days..etc...

    I know I am sensitive to coconut oil. Before I went primal, I couldn't even use a lot of soaps etc because the coconut oil would make me break out. and eating anything with coconut? no way! Since going primal, topical application is fine, and limited curry etc is fine. butter chicken on the 2nd day definitely causes some issues...but if only for one meal, I am fine. I am pretty sure that this indicates I am sensitive to other things that I didn't know about, at a low level. I want to know what they are. There really is no other way to do that. Think about doing this, especially if you are new to primal.

    W30 is based on primal/paleo, so the transition should be quite easy. Once you know how foods will affect you, it is much easier to make an informed choice about what /when going offplan is worth it

    Good luck in your journey!

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