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Greetings from the People's Republic of Boulder

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  • Greetings from the People's Republic of Boulder

    Been doing a Paleo/Good Calories Bad Calories eating program since January with good results. Just read Primal Blueprint this week. I'm very interested in other athlete's experiences and performance tweaks.
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    I find I have more energy doing PB than I ever did doing Paleo. I felt drained all day doing Paleo because I was so worried about only eating lean cuts of meat that I just didn't have that much energy. With PB I feel great performing my WOD's and just did one of the longer crossfit workouts with no problems. I always have kept my carb range in at about 100 grams per day even before PB so I think i've have somewhat of an easy transition. To answer your question though I think performing crossfit workouts or the ones that Mark recommends eating PB is the way to go for the best performance. If you asking about marathons and things like that you will probably need more carbohydrates during the workouts.


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      Hello fellow CO Paleo/Primal follower! I am down in Castle Rock (although like to frequent the peoples republic up north when I am looking for a few food stuffs or odds and ends I cannot locate in suburbia).

      I cannot give a ton of evidence towards performance, only because I am just now really increasing my workouts. You might post this off in the fitness forum section.

      All the same, since really getting serious about being primal for the last 2-3 months, my muscle gains have been astounding compared to my workout ratio (I already stay pretty muscular, so I was not starting at zero). I am only doing indoor climbing about once a week for a long session, and fast hiking/trail running with elevation gains about twice a week. But even with that small amount of exercise I am taken aback by my muscle gains in the last couple months. I still have some low carb flu sort of days where I feel drained for a short bit (my carbs are under 50g as I am trying to drop body fat %)...but usually if I work through that I bounce back mid session and then surprise myself with my endurance. I have added calcium, magnesium and zinc supplements to my regime and I now am rarely sore post workout.
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        lol at people's republic!
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