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  • Primal Challlenge Journal (gt74)

    Well, I'm here via Gary Taubes' book 'Diet Delusion' or GCBC depending on which side of the pond you're on.

    I've lost 15 lbs in the last five weeks and I'm now down to 212, but that is nothing unusual as I've bounced around the 206 - 248 lbs for ten years. This is usually the stage that I lose interest in a diet and drop out.

    I've had my eyes opened by Taubes' book and I received The Primal Blueprint in the post today, so I'm hoping that a bit of education and some fun will see me lose another 28 lbs. This journal will be my ramblings

    So, here's the stats as of today 3rd August 2009 -

    6'2" & 212 lbs

    As a programmer I'm sedentary all day with Windsurfing and Mountain Biking at the weekends.


    Clean up my diet. No sugar, processed carbs or starches.

    1st weight target - 189lbs (BMI 25 - I know, but it's a good first aim) - by 1st December

    Long term - Seven Summits.

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    Missed an entry on only the second day, lame but good diet day - thoroughly recommend Ostrich as a protein source - good Beef steak taste and quite lean.

    Have a problem with my right claf muscle. When I try to up the tempo of my run back from the gym I'm getting a pain. Not sure if it's cramp or tearing. Will have to see if I can wear it off.

    My challenge is to eat less than 100g carbs per day and wean myself onto a Primal Lifestyle. Easy changes then I won't be so disappointed.

    Day 3 of journaling but 6 weeks into my change of lifestyle I made a Gorilla cake

    I saw it about a week ago and fixated on it so decided just to get it out of my system. No flour or refined suger - sweetness from bananas and coconut.

    Back to normal tomorrow.

    Southampton UK glorious Summer continues - hope the rain clears in time for the weekend.


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      Day of paddleboarding in the Sun and feeling great.

      Primal way of eating seems to be working - learning to be more adventurous with food options. No hunger and eating loads. Shared a bottle of Red wine and some dark chocolate.

      Down to 209 lbs. So all going to plan.

      This week might be a challenge. Off to the World Bagpiping championships in Glasgow, just one big drinking fest with the odd bit of piping. Going to enjoy it but primal snacking could be interesting.