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    Hello everyone,
    I'm a 26-year old Swedish guy that just joined.

    Have been convinced primal eating is the key to a healthy body for a long time, you don't feed a rabbit meat, you don't feed a cat carrots and you don't feed a human margarine.

    My inspiration to this way of eating is a rather long journey.

    I've always been interested in the human animal, our body, our history and evolution and had through books stumbled upon my first contact with natural human food. Naturally the foods were still politically correct, with lots of fiber, vegetables, berries and fruits, and lean and only lean meat.

    I began that way of eating at first, but found myself constantly hungry, and joined various discussion forums. From there I learnt that I needed to eat animal fat and stop eating the sugary fruits, which raised my blood sugar giving me even more hunger.
    I was then introduced to the Swedish lchf movement with pioneers like Sten Sture Skaldeman, Annika Dahlqvist and Andreas Eenfeldt. I began eating a low carb diet and felt my blood sugar stabilizing, but I also recieved very nasty hives that were non-stop 24/7 for three weeks. The third week I introduced carbohydrates again and the hives disappeared overnight.

    My next diet journey was the discovery of The Warrior Diet. I followed it for one single summer and I lost weight and bodyfat rapidly. However the correct WD allows fruits and vegetables and I was once again hungry because of blood sugar variations.

    Back at it again, I reintroduced Lchf and just as before I received nasty hives that wouldn't give up. In a lchf forum I found a link to Mark's Daily Apple which caught my interest. Later I discovered Leangains which gave me new spirit for Intermittent Fasting.

    Third times a charm, this is my third attempt at a low carbohydrate way of life and I have hives again. Mark's post about Fish oil being anti inflammatory have had me try it. It might hinder it a bit, but it could also be that I'm having slightly more carbs in my diet that before at my lchf-meals, that allowed but restricted vegetables quite much. "Why eat vegetables when you can enjoy a meal with liver, which only requires a small amount to compare to a whole bucket of vegetables, vitamin-wise?"

    If the fish oil is the thing that holds my hives back, I'd probably need a lot bigger dose than the a teaspoon (5ml) a day that I use now. I'd probably need a deciliter or something every day to keep all my hived in check.

    I'm not eating anything I'm allergic to, and the hives show up as soon as I reduce the carbs low enough, and disappear when I raise the carb amount again, which then prevents me from entering ketosis.

    Currently, I'm 4 weeks primal. Going 20/4 IF every day except for weekends when I eat whenever I'm hungry. I have lost a little weight on the scales, but it could just as well be just water, because I see no difference in the mirror whatsoever. I usually eat about 5-7% carbs, 60-80% fat rest protein. All the carbs are "hidden" carbs that is present in cream (40%), coconut milk, starches added when buying hamburger, in the vegetables I eat (mostly it's broccoli, cauliflower and spinach).

    I do not have access to grass-fed meat. I try to buy organic products, but even organic meat here is like 2-3 times the price of conventional meat. I buy my meat from a supermarket where they cut up the meat themselves, the meat is always daily fresh, but it's "conventional" meat.

    I walk to and from work every day, which is about 2 hours back and fourth of daily walking. If I have the energy I might train with my two 20kg kettlebells at home, and once in a while I practise pull ups/chin ups at work (have found something to hang on).

    I'm 176cms tall (5'10" ?) and 89kgs heavy (~200pounds). I have a muscular body, but too much fat for my liking, I'd wish to drop low enough to actually look lean.... I don't know, like Sisson?

    If you are interested in knowing something else, just ask away.

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    Welcome to MDA - sounds like you're well on your way to be a full blown primal! If it is something I've learned it is that slow and steady does it, and there is no need to be in ketosis to loose fat, albeit you loose faster, but if you continue adhering to the primal blueprint stuff I know you'll start leaning out and build muscle as I've done.
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