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Going Primal in Palm Springs, CA

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  • Going Primal in Palm Springs, CA

    Hi Groks and Grokettes,

    I am beyond thrilled to have found the Primal Blueprint. A friend and I were starting to get back to low carbing and she stumbled upon this site and sent it to me. I think you had me at Bacon. Most everything about this way of life resonates with me. I just started on August 5th and feel great. I had a big problem with food cravings and compulsive eating. Being single, living alone and working from home, it's very easy to eat like a piglet. Nobody can see what I'm eating and the cat certainly doesn't care as long as she gets fed and pet. The cravings were gone almost immediately

    Last night at a bar/restaurant listening to some blues and eating fish tacos w/o the shells..While we were waiting for our food (and I was pretty hungry) a waiter walked by with some gorgeous looking cheesecake, one of my very favorite desserts. I looked at it, admired it, and then didn't give it another thought. That was BIG for me. A few days ago, I would have been all jacked up with anticipation about eating that cheesecake for dessert.

    I hate to work out. I do like outdoor activities, but hate feeling like I have to do them for a certain amount of time every day. A slow bike ride, some leisurely swimming in the pool, a nice hike. All that is excellent without the pressure of feeling like i HAVE to do it. This is is SO liberating. Now, I did buy a 10lb sledge hammer and plan to use it. One of the workouts I saw gives you a few different moves to do with the hammer and for just 14 minutes a couple times a week. Now THAT is something I can deal with, gladly.

    I look forward to sharing my experiences, recipes and success with everyone here.


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    You are surely in one of the Vitamin D capitals of the United States. If you can't get enough UV-B down in Palm Springs in mid-winter, I bet that a ride up the tram to the 10,000' top will get better Vitamin D producing UV-B. Everyone from the NE and New England and the Pacific NW will want to join you.


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      I moved here about a year ago from Oregon. I used to live in So Cal, had been away for about 15 years. SO glad to be back in the land of sunshine. The tram is amazing! I have a summer pass and go up a couple times a week to hike or just for lunch.