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Greetings from Scotland!

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  • Greetings from Scotland!

    Hiya everyone!

    Just been lurking and planning from the site for the last week - making the final few preparations cupboard wise! I'd done low carb before (Atkins) with a bit of success so was very familiar with the cauli rice, use of fats etc....although it's still a wrestle for me to consider eating that much meat (we are so heavily brain-washed!) and offal...well normally I would say - Awful - but i'm a hypocrite as i love haggis and black pudding (sadly both have oats i think)

    2 questions then (loads more to follow though!)
    *What can I accomplish in two weeks, what would be normal? taking into account sedentary job, several stone to lose.

    *what is the best way to store coconut and almond flour to ensure longevity? I would have to buy in bulk to be able to afford so will need to store effectively.

    thanks for now!
    Scottish Sarah

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    Hi there! welcome.

    In two weeks you can expect to have lost all your water weight (2 to 5lbs) I know that I had a flatter stomach in two weeks. I was thrilled about that.

    Have you read anything on this site about the carb flu? It is very real. You may be finished up with it or you my be right in the middle of it in two weeks.

    I think your flours will be fine if you keep them dry and cool. Good luck with all your goals!


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      Welcome, another UK convert! You just can't beat the Primal lifestyle. +1 to the flat stomach comment.
      Also if you've done low carb before then you may not get the carb flu, Mrs Fist and myself just seemed to skip that.
      You'll get used to eating a shedload of meat pretty quickly, but if you can get onto eating offal then you're doing better than us!
      The Primal Journey of Mr and Mrs Fist