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    Hey guys!

    Just wanted to say hello. I have been a huge fan of Mark and this site. Been Primal for over 3 months (though the first few weeks were quite "transitional"). Anyone else from Austin, TX out there in the community? Also a question to the fellow community:

    I am not sure how much weight I have lost since going Primal, but I am certainly leaner and my pants are pretty lose. Which leads me to my main question. What have you guys had in experiences of dropping pant sizes? Personally, I wear my pants right above my groin (not where the waist measurement below the belly button is) but am anxiously awaiting my pants being to large to even stay on me! I carry (seemingly) almost all my weight in my lower back and legs. Any thoughts/experiences with anyone out there with this? Any feedback is always appreciated!!

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    honestly for me it is constantly changing. Some mornings I wake up and hardly recognize myself, other days I think I am putting something on but really I am just losing it from other parts of the body. With pants I have definitely experienced the "Falling to the floor" pants... I have a closet full of them now! (Such a good problem to have) ... It really feels like it is alternating... one week my pants feel loose, next week my tops feel loose, next week my arms and legs feel skinny... I dont know why this is, maybe it's body adjustment. You will quickly learn I am an opinionated person with not a lot of research or back up, but tons of experience

    Welcome to the forum. I am not in Texas... But *waves* anyway!

    Have a great week! Keep up the work!
    Live Like No One Else