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Paleo in Colorado on the Road in the Oil Patch

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  • Paleo in Colorado on the Road in the Oil Patch

    So I live in Buena Vista Colorado. I work mostly in North Dakota. The big trick for me is to try to live Paleo while being in an industry where it is few and far between to run into any sort of enlightened folk. I hate to say it, but thats me putting it nicely.

    The Paleo journey started about 3 months ago or so for me. I love how I feel, and am excited to get even better and better.

    Mountain biking is my main recreational passion, but love white water kayaking, hiking, climbing, etc. Do the Google earth thing... I live in one of the best places to be Paleo. I got my hunter safety card this last January so hopefully I will be hunting this Fall, I've never hunted before, so wish me luck on that one.

    I'm stoked to join this community and look forward to our journey together.

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    Cool. Another Coloradan.
    Right now, I'm in Denver, but am moving to Lakewood in October, and will be right near a phenomenal hiking park. Very excited.

    You can do it, even without enlightened folk around you. The support here online will help, I hope.


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      Welcome from another oil field trash Grok. It is a challenge but well worth it.
      AKA: Texas Grok

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      Facebook is to intelligence what a black hole is to light


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        "on the road in the oil patch" -- I'm sure this means something, and you mention an industry... some kind of oil work? Trucking? Not sure!

        Regardless, sounds like you're off to a great start already! Congratulations on making that transition.
        "Trust me, you will soon enter a magical land full of delicious steakflowers, with butterbacons fluttering around over the extremely rompable grass and hillsides."


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          Welcom Ed!!
          I love Buena Vista, but not how the locals pronounce it (shudder)
          Live in Winter Park. Agree that living in the mtns makes being primal/paleo easy-peasy.
          Wish I had my hunter safety card... nxt yrs goal. Hopin someone here gets an elk & shares a bite with me like last yr


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            I worked a year in the oil patch doing fraccing. Man, I kind of thought the hard work would help me get in shape, but it's the opposite. On the road, getting back to the hotel at 9pm and all that's open is the pub, and everyone is drinking... ugh. Or you're stuck in camp where you eat what they serve or starve, and it's usually complete crap. You have to rely on them for the stuff to pack into a lunch, and some days you're stuck with 2 sandwiches, a
            muffin, a chocolate brownie, rice crispy squares, juice or pop. Fruit if you're lucky!

            It would be pretty hard to eat properly some days. Get back to camp at 11pm, you know you're up at 5am for another long day, and all there is to eat is warmed up lasagna and garlic bread. And you are STARVING.

            I was actually just thinking about this the other day. I was considering going back to it, and wondering how the hell I would eat. Pretty tough to take 15 days worth of primal food along with your other gear when you're heading out on the road!

            If you're working where you get home regularly, of course that's a little different. Hopefully you're able to do that.


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              Thanks for all the words of support. I have it a lot easier than a lot of folks in the patch. I work as an MWD hand at the moment which is a component of directional drilling. I run electronics and computers at the drilling sites basically. I usually have decent accommodations at the site. Though we still end up doing a lot of shared meals. It might not be so bad, but I just can no longer do the wheat and grains thing. My health has improved too much to go back, but trying to explain what I am doing is like herding cats, imposible.

              I just bought a nice dual voltage refrigerator/freezer to carry and protect my expensive elk and buffalo, etc. Here it is:

              I think my biggest challenge will be getting adequate exercise. My job is not physically demanding but after your 12 hr tower bed seems to be the only thing calling most days.

              Bane...Don't know much about fracking, but I know that I would want to stay away from it. I would rather go back to roughnecking than that. If I were looking to get back in you might want to look at: well site geology, mud logging, and MWD. All pay well if you can handle actually living on a drilling lease.

              TEX...What do you in Egypt? I actually loved it there when I visited several years ago.

              Peggy...It kills me too, so I don't.
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                well... I am from Colorado too--And I live currently in SOUTH Dakota...

                Welcome- Hope things go well for you!
                Live Like No One Else