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  • Gday from Down Under

    Gday from the sunny state of Queensland. Ive been lurking on this forum for a few months but never wanted to post as I was a newbie. Ive been eating high fat, low carb now for about 3 months and have learnt a stack. Ive gained 44lbs and getting bigger each week. Im loving it. No more fat phobia for me.

    I always thought all fat was bad and now have learnt that as long as its healthy fat and not trans fat, you can eat all you care for.

    By biggest hurdle has been my parents. I see them eating junk low fat foods and worrying about cholesterol levels. I tell them to eat as much fat as they care for and they keep rolling their eyes.

    I do find it hard to contain my desire to help others. I have found that sometimes its just better not to say anything cos you risk getting put down a lot on this diet. Even on this forum someone has already made fun of me. Some people dont have consideration for us living with bi polar and they are too judgemental.

    Oh well..

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    welcome to the community! im from perth ehre, and i totally get what you mean about not saying anything. i am slowly breaking my parents into it however. the best argument I find is to lead by example however. no matter how much they deny it, if you look healthy, feel great, and have awesome bloodwork etc. they will need to take notice.

    as an aside, come join us fellow aussies over at the Primal Australia group!
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      welcome aboard!
      I'm from Adelaide. I've also learnt to not talk too much about PB to work collegues. They all think I'm a bit looney!!

      oh well. Better than being normal (and therefore CW indoctrinated)


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