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  • Hello from Las Vegas, NV

    Hello to everyone, I have been living in this desert since 1964, and I loved it, I am bless that all my children are here also.
    I am 72 yrs. old with a sharp mind, but overweight body, that would loved to do something more for it. My lifeline of both part of my family have lived long life, my paternal grandmother pass when she was 94, and my mother she still with me and she is going to be 98 in November, but they have a normal weight, so if I want to live that long I better get in shape now.
    All of this year I have been reducing my consumption of grains and have increased the amount of veggies and fruits, but have not cut it out completed from my diet, like I would eat a toast with butter of Ezequial bread (sprouted grain) in the morning and maybe a little rice with my protein at night, lunches usually are salads with chicken.
    My motivation to switch is to loose weight (204), and get my blood sugar down to normal (130/150).
    I don't have a favorite exercise, except walking, but I like to do weights, I can't do too much now, because I have shoulder surgery in June of this year.
    My favorite food is seafood.
    Best or worst part of being primal, I don't know yet.
    But I will let you know and the end of this 30 days.

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    Welcome Lourdes,

    There are several of us from LV on the forum. It sounds like you have a lot of wonderful motivation to improve your lifestyle, so you can be around for your family for a long, long time.

    Make sure you read up on Mark Sisson's past posts and PB 101. He makes the science easy to understand.

    Good luck on your journey.
    Food should be fun--Thomas Keller