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  • Hello everyone!

    I found out about PB a couple weeks ago, and am absolutely loving it.

    Several months ago, I decided to get in shape, and try to take care of myself. I was 210 lbs at 5' 7" (male). Over the past couple months I managed to get that down to 187, but felt awful. I had switched to a vegetarian diet, because I tried it a few years ago and lost weight on it, and figured that was the most healthy route to go. I was also running a lot, in that "chronic cardio" trap. Eventually the fat stopped coming off and I was running all the time and truthfully not eating enough or the right foods. I knew I was unhealthy.

    I went online and decided to read about what I was eating exactly and decided that fat might not be as bad as people say, and that all carbs are bad. I wasn't sure exactly how far I should take that theory and experimented a little bit, but didn't want to hurt myself and be even more unhealthy. Eventually I did a google search for "high fat diet" and MDA is the first result! I've been reading nonstop (well, when I'm not Lifting Heavy Things, Moving Slowly, Sprinting, eating, sleeping enough... or well... I haven't been reading nonstop) I'm down to 180 lbs, and feel fantastic. The first week I felt some carb flu, but I think it has passed, I'm feeling great right now.

    I'm eating 95% Primal and balanced. The 5% is some cheddar in my eggs, but that is acceptable I think. I bought some coconut oil today, and plan on stir-frying some chicken and vegetables for dinner.

    My average day is:

    Breakfast: Either bacon with cheesy scrambled eggs, or walnuts almonds and blackberries in coconut milk (it reminds me of cereal).

    Lunch: Giant salad, almost always with avocado. I love avocados!

    Dinner: Varies, but usually some kind of meat, chicken or shrimp usually, and veggies cooked in the bacon fat from breakfast. I haven't really cooked for myself anything more advanced than spaghetti or grilled cheese, so I'm still figuring out what I like and trying new things.

    For snacks, I'll either have almonds or olives. I thought I didn't like olives but I guess I was wrong!

    I'm only drinking water anymore, where before I'd have a 2-liter of diet soda everyday. Anyone have any suggestions on good beverages not using any sweeteners? I don't want to set myself back or go back to drinking that other stuff, but I'd like some variety.

    I feel like telling everyone about this. I'm just so excited.

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    Welcome to the forum - and great job, sounds like you are right on track.
    - If it was cute and cuddly at some point, eat it. Ignore everything else. -

    - Food is first, and foremost, nothing more than fuel. -

    - The body is animal. The mind, however, is not. -


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      Hi Cavebot,

      Welcome and good luck.Try green tea as a beverage and a very good snack, i find ,is coconut.

      Place coconut flesh in a bowl of water and keep in the fridge.This keeps it nice and moist as well as fresh for days on end.