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Hi From France!!

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  • Hi From France!!

    today is the 70th anniversary of the discovery of Lascaux... i guess its the perfect day to start to Grok on!

    Im a 32 yo man of France, I have made plenty of martial arts and combat sport but illness stop my training. Now i feel better, and i want to try to become Primal to help me to recover health.

    I dont eat too much grain (rice once a week), little dairy, drink only tea and water so i guess i could find the process not so hard

    To answer the little suggested question: my favorite meal is white meat, my favorite exercice is martial art/RBSD training, and i since i will just begin now i dont have best or worst memories about primal.

    Just a question, any other french son or daughter of Grok here???

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    Je suis basquaise, pas de francaise. J'habite a des Etats Unis.
    Vous devriez trouver ce plus facile a faire.

    Bienvenu et bonne chance!


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      Bonjour! Je suis anglais mais habite maintenant en les Etats-Unis. J'habite en Texas avec mon mari. J'ai la famille qui habite en France dans Alsace et les montagnes de Jura.

      I am in the process of studying French so I hope to improve over the next few weeks

      Welcome to MDA.
      "For animals, the entire universe has been neatly divided into things to (a) mate with, (b) eat, (c) run away from, and (d) rocks." - Terry Pratchett, Equal Rites

      My Facebook (please send a message to introduce yourself though!)


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        J'ai vecu en France pendant sept ans... mais plus maintenant! Bien venue :-)
        quette's journal


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          merci pour l'accueil!


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            Je ne suis pas francaise mais je parle francais et j'ai habite a Grenoble pendant un an comme etudiante! Bienvenu!
            Que la France me manque...


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              Je ne suis pas Française, mais j'ai habité à Paris il y a sept années. Maintenant, j'habite aux Etats-Unis (à Boston). Bienvenue!