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  • Hello from Wyoming!

    Just wanted to say hello, I have posted a few times already, but thought I should formally introduce myself. My husband discovered The Primal Blueprint through Cross-fit about seven months ago, and decided to go grain free. He begged me to try it with him, but I sided with Conventional Wisdom and refused. I have had thyroid problems for about six years now, and have been through hell with it- and also could not lose the 35 pounds I had gained no matter how much I worked out. I finally ended up going to a Naturopath who told me I was one of the sickest people he has had walk through his doors, and that I needed to give up gluten, sugar, and yeast. So reluctantly I joined hubby in living the Primal life and all I can say is that my life has totally turned around in these last six months.

    I have lost 37 pounds and for the first time in over five years, my thyroid tests have come back normal. I'm no longer tired all of the time, no more bloat and IBS, I am sick less often, and my asthma has almost completely disappeared. I'm stunned, and proud of my results- I can't deny the power of this lifestyle.

    So hello to everyone, and I hope to get to know many of you over the years to come.

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    Welcome! My icon is from a sign of a shop that used to be in Laramie, WY. And yes, kind of amazing how PB helps.
    If I don't live my dream, who will?