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Lifelong caveman seeks cavegirl and hunter/gatherers traveling around Los Angeles

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  • Lifelong caveman seeks cavegirl and hunter/gatherers traveling around Los Angeles

    I am a stumbler having stumbled across this Malibu cave site and now canít even remember how or why. This odd interweb thing eh? I stopped watching TV and movies about 3 years ago when I realized it was all propaganda aimed at dumbing down the people. Prepping us for the great fall of the Republic is hard work as they love to say in their mighty halls. So it goes.
    I have struggled with being overweight, nayÖ FAT all my life. I would swing up and down in weight regardless of what I ate or how I lived. When I lived a frugal, simple life chopping wood, using wood stoves and walking with a big dog I felt good despite carrying a bit more weight. Last summer I spent my time clearing tons of dead shrubs, rose bushes and vines at this Addams family house I was renting n the Valley and draining, repairing and maintaining a pool that resembled a swamp when I began. I grilled steaks nearly everyday and lost a good 30 pounds and felt great. When I have a girlfriend I tend to lose the weight as well for obvious reasons, less eating and more sex. In between girlfriends or when I am busy with my car service here in LA I tend to put it all back on despite eating what I have been told are good things like fiber, vegetables and fruit. Usually they go bad before I can even get to eating them. Then I end up eating pasta, crackers or grain bread because I am told that is good. Now the weight is back on although for some reason my body doesnít turn into those soft rolls of lard you see on the average obese Amerikan. Mine seems to go into solid masses probably due to my caveman past where I pretended to be living off the land cutting the aforementioned wood and exploring the wild parts of the midwest Ohio territories.
    I have come to the conclusion everything we are being told is simply more propaganda from the very corporate scumbags you describe like big agribiz, the chemical/pharma swine and the aristocracy who now seem intent on depopulating the planet for some insane reason. Long story short I want to lose this weight once and for all but find myself procrastinating for one reason or another. I go to the grocery and end up buying whatever is cheap and have to make a supreme effort to NOT pick up cheese and salami when my brain craves it. I am living on the other side of the Santa Monica Mountains from you and should go walking right up Mulholland to the Federal lands above me [a huge wilderness area of roads that NOBODY ever uses there] but again find myself hesitating because if my phone rings I have to zoom off to take some traveler to LAX or I donít pay the rent. There always seems to be some mental block I create for myself that I just canít get around. Even after reading your information I still have trouble digesting it although it speaks to me on a very primitive level as being the absolute truth, especially the hunter-gatherer aspect of eating and simple day to day physical effort. Last summer swimming in the pool and groundskeeping, eating steak and the occasional veggie proved that to me. I felt great but slid back when I moved back into the city from that place in the Valley. Now being out in the mountains I should be more active but its the nature [or anti-nature I should say] of the biz I am in that keeps me from going off every other day to commune with the coyotes up the road. I know I need another active girlfriend to inspire me as well as someone like Grok to remind me I am still the same big, hairy guy I was at 19. Just now I am turning 54 and shouldnít be the lazy, big, hairy guy I tend to turn back into. Give me a boost here. Thatís usually all I need, a challenge of sorts. How about this. You book my struggling car service occasionally over there in Malibu and keep me out of the poorhouse and I will document my attempt to follow your advice and get back to the Grok that I know is still within me.
    I realize I missed the big cow giveaway having just stumbled into your cave here. I await the next challenge.
    By the way, my car and limousine service in LA will be heavily discounted to anybody hereabouts who needs a safe ride.