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  • Hey everyone!

    I've been lurking on the blog and on these forums for awhile, and I decided to start primal eating a few days ago. I've been entering my meals into the daily plate, just so I'm a little more aware of the nutritional value of different things. The past few days my protein/carbs/fat percentages have been about 20/20/60.

    The thing is, now on day 4 I feel like if I eat one more fatty thing I'm going to puke. The first couple of days I was in loooove with the coconut milk, and the skin-on-chicken baked with olive oil, and the butter on the veggies, and the eggs and bacon... YUM!... but now I'm just like, ughhhh about all of it. Is this normal? Part of the low carb flu or something? I'm still trying to get over the CW that fat=heart attack, so maybe it's just psychological. Maybe it's because my eating has been pretty monotonous too.. but I'm a single mother and a student so I'm on a VERY tight budget, and lots of variety just isn't feasible.

    Any tips, encouragement, or validation would be appreciated! I'm still waiting to get my copy of Primal Blueprint from Amazon, so I don't have access to all that great info yet.

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    Trust your body. If it is fed up with fatty foods. Ease off them. There are lots of inexpensive primal/paleo recipes. I'm sure people will have suggestions for variety.

    And welcome!
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      Ditto to the above. Ease into the PB, don't go full throttle.


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        Agree with above, jumping straight into high fat is going to be hard on your body. Personally I end up tending more towards protein than fat with primal. I'd say give that a try as you ease into it and add more fat as you go and see how you feel.
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          Don't forget lots of vegetables and some fruit. Vegetables are an important part of the PB.


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            What they said. Also, check out

            It's 9.99 a month meal plan/shopping list service but you can see all the recipes for free and there are some REALLY tasty things on there and most of them are super easy to make too!