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Newbies Start Here: Primer to the Primal Blueprint Lifestyle

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    Why are you lost? How can we help David?
    It is always too early to quit.
    Went primal- 02/25/12, height: 5'6", starting weight: 143.0, current weight: 133.8

    "Doubt never stops. Neither do you."- Prove People Wrong.


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      Today I'm back on Primal. I'm 27 5'6" and at 205. My workouts are limited right now because I'm moving, but I tend to do crossfit. Maybe I just need to get on a forum and let the world know what I'm doing to stick with it this time.


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        Newbie Withdrawls

        Hi All,

        Been researching Primal Living a bit since my local morning radio host in Denver was talking about it. I fundamentally believe in the way of eating whole foods and eliminating the monster grains. I have always eaten fairly well, but had some clutches - sandwiches, pasta, cereal, etc. Nothing that was super "unhealthy," but I knew I needed a different approach. After some discussion and research with my boyfriend, we've both gone primal. He started a little over a week ago and suffered some pretty bad headaches for the first week. They seem to have dissipated. I started two days ago and feel completely exhausted! I've read about this carb flu, so I'm really hoping it's temporary. I'm going to stick with it, I have high hopes. (I already feel much less bloated, even though I never really thought I was until I now see the difference!)

        My exercise yesterday was a struggle to get through because I was so tired, I'm hoping today is a bit easier.


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          i've been doing intermittent fast for about 2 weeks and lose weight almost 3 kg ,
          i start reading water fasting and just knowing about this PB ,
          i guess i need to read every thread before do the PB.
          i love to do PB because it involve eating protein and fruits and Vege...


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            Today is my FIRST DAY living primal. I'm pretty darned hungry, hungrier than I thought I'd be, and getting by with some macadamia nuts (probably too many) and 85% dark chocolate (probably too much), but until I can get home and cook some of the beef I picked up at the grocery store this morning, I suspect I'll just have to deal with it. I'm fully committed to the 21 day transformation and looking forward to seeing how I feel three weeks from now.

            About me: 43 years old, on a fast track to a heart attack if something doesn't change. Gained 70 plus pounds over the last four years as the result of a combination of things. Amazingly enough, I'm not diabetic and have not been diagnosed with CAD, despite weighing just about 300 pounds at 5'5" tall. I feel like a ticking time bomb, though. My father had a heart attack at 47 and I developed a caridac arrythmia (brought on by stress and caffeine) last year. I've managed to avoid meds for that by cutting caffeine almost completely out of my diet.

            Anyway, here's to day one!


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              Hi everyone, I am new to this. I have almost finished reading Mark's book, The Primal Blue Print 21 Day, sorry have forgotten the rest of the title as I thought that I bought it home from work with me, but looks like I haven't...OOps my I have really enjoyed the way the book was written, so much so I have ordered 3 of his other books but have to wait for them to arrive from the UK,,,,buggar....

              So I am lead to believe that Red Krill oil is better or more potent that the normal fish oil. If this is so what is a good brand to buy???

              Kind Regards,


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                Hi there, just a quick post to say that I am currently celebrating (on my own) officially becoming a member of the Primal world as of today. After trying out the PB for 6 weeks back in March and feeling and looking amazing, Ive decided that Grok really does know best! Let myself down by giving into my new love of muesli :/ However Its about time I stick to this lifestyle and not let one more grainy day get me down again.

                Im a full-time student and plan to be for the next 4 years so this will certainly will be a challenge. Despite this I am fed up with my fluctuating energy and concentration levels. I have to walk quite far every day so I am hoping that sticking to these rules will give me a stronger source of energy to keep me going without piling on the pounds or falling asleep in the street.

                In addition to this, I have always had a very round belly and quite skinny arms and legs so I am hoping that this might finally be the answer to my endless efforts to looking and feeling Fit!

                I am so glad to have found this blog and know that the huge community here will definately help to keep me on the right track. Will keep posting to report success as I am sure it will be.


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                  I just want to know, are Shirataki noodles primal????


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           I am a newbie and I have a do I post my questions to the forum? I see where I can respond to threads but I do not see where I can start a new!


                    • Originally posted by Dwan View Post
             I am a newbie and I have a do I post my questions to the forum? I see where I can respond to threads but I do not see where I can start a new!

                      On the first page of each forum, about half way down the page, on the left, is a button "+Post New Thread."
                      All the best!


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                      • Originally posted by revcozmo View Post
                        It's only been three days of the diet and I'm struggling with the caffeine part. It gave me a HUGE migraine trying to just drop it, so, I'm weaning myself off slowly
                        Mark Sisson has a coffee every morning mate, it's Primal within reason, one or two a day is fine


                        • Hi, my name is Adam, I am new here.. Hope to learn new things from you guys soon..


                          • Hello All,

                            My name is Jon, and I am pretty new to the primal blueprint but I have tried paleo straight up and Whole 30 and The Blueprint has really just grabbed me and hopefully the "family" here will help me along. I have also started using kettlebells heavily and at somepoint would love to get certs. I have heard some about a company called beyond organic, does that go hand in hand at all with the blueprint? Thanks.



                            • Time to add the 90 day workbook link
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                              • I'm also a primal consumer and it's really one of the best thing that has happened to me