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Thought we could try this. (Friday Primals)

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    QOTD: I have one Led Zeppelin tattoo on my upper back, three ear piercings, and just recently took out my nose stud. If I see one more teenage girl with one of those things.......

    DI: I ate three of them today with peanut butter (dad couldn't finish his extra jar ) Freaking LOVE carrots!

    WR: Found a long, heavy piece of wood on the side of the road in my neighborhood while riding the bike today, snagged it and used it to practice deadlifts, squats and presses. Lugged car tires around the yard until my shoulders couldn't take it anymore, then maxed out on my pull-up bar.

    FR: Discovered that roasted zucchini and asparagus are my new favorite vegetable dish, especially right out of the oven, oh so good! Also spent most of the day today looking up new primal recipes I'm determined to try this week...Especially those with pumpkin.

    NPR: Also discovered last night that I CANNOT line dance, nor do I think I will ever grow to enjoy country music. Gimme rock and roll anyday!

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      QOTD: No tats, but 7 holes in my ears (3x one side and 4x on the other, if they have not grown shut) and one mildly infected belly button ring. Ew.

      DI: Carrot juice!! I'm saving my pulp this weekend to make chips in my new dehyrator. Not sure how that will work, but I'm willing to experiment.

      WR: Angry at my Bikram studio. Taking a few days off to let it roll over. Yoga is supposed to relieve stress, not be the cause of it.

      FR: Need to eat more greens. I've let myself go the past few days since the challenge ended. PMS has not helped.

      NPR: Went to a coffee shop after my doctor's appointment today and spilled an insane amount of coffee down the front of my white shirt, which yes, I am still wearing. Doc ordered an MRI for my elbow. Looks like I may have torn something.