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My gosh I look bad!

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  • My gosh I look bad!


    Been lurking about for a few days and doing some reading up - half way through the paleo solution and got primal blueprint yesterday.

    I was fully intending to start next week but then I went for a haircut this morning and had a proper look myself in the mirror - I look washed out, bags under eyes, too many chins just generally pretty bad!! Bit of a lightbulb moment really!

    I've already sorted out lunch for today but I'll be eating primal tonight and see how I get on, bit worried about the carb flu but we'll see how I get on, I've restricted carbs before (Only for breakfast) and got on ok but I've not gone cold turkey before!!

    I'll probably be kicking round asking a few stupid questions here and there, and I'll get a food log started too so I can moan to you lot about my carb flu rather than annoying my girlfriend with it!

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    Take the before picture now. If you jump right in results should be immediate and dramatic.
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      I have been primal for 9 days now and had a couple of really tired 'carb flu' days in the beginning but now i am waking up before my alarm goes off and delighted to feel better and better each day i wake up.

      best of luck


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        Thanks for the warm welcome guys - before pictures and getting some measurements are a great idea, I should probably be tracking my progress!

        Sounds like you didn't get the old carb flu too bad then - hopefully I'll get away with it!


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          Eat lots of non starchy veggies. It, along with 100g of protein or more will be enough carbs to stave off the flu.


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            Hang in there, PrimalLuke... gonna get better and better. You are in the right place!


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              Welcome! You can do it!
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                Carb flu sucks but it's worth it on the other side