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  • Jumping in with both feet

    Hi everyone. I am Bee, a 32 year old mum of three living in Scotland. After being thin until my early 20s, I piled weight on with each pregnancy and never lost it. My diet has steadily got worse over the last few years and my weight has become an issue which effects my general health. I have occasionally considered a standard low cal, low fat diet but cravings and crazy blood sugar swings have soon knocked me back into old eating patterns. Comfort eating of lots of high sugar and carb stuff has become an ingrained habit whenever I feel a little low or stressed which has become a vicious circle.

    I have become increasingly curious about the Primal WOE and after stepping on the scales on Monday and not liking what I saw at all I decided to go for it. I am keeping it simple to start off. Looking at what we eat generally (lots of crockpot stews/soups/casseroles generally) most of it is fine for Primal diet I think if I skip the usual bread/pasta/rice everyone else is having so that's dinner sorted. Other meals I am just cooking whatever meat I have to hand or can of tuna plus maybe some eggs and either salad greens or mixed veg. Basically what I would usually have minus the grains and making sure to use animal based fats rather than sunflower oil etc.

    I jumped in feet first on Monday with no planning! lol! Big shop to do tonight so will stock up on more primal based stuff.
    Atm I am having a little dairy (some cheese sprinkled on soup and cream for coffee) but may consider cutting it later. All three of my kids have been intolerant of dairy as babies so I have been dairy free in the past while feeding them. I am also still having small amounts of potato, tomatoes etc but again may cut these later.

    So far I have felt really great and am amazed that despite eating lots and not feeling hungry, the scales are telling me I have lost 8lb since Monday!! As I have 60lbs to lose to get to top end of healthy weight range for my height that is a satisfying start! I think a lot of that was water weight as I was feeling continually bloated and puffy.
    I am also not feeling all weak and shaky in between meals like I do if I try a low fat/low cal diet. I am feeling very tired and head achey today (possibly carb flu or maybe just the start of a cold as there are a lot of bugs doing the rounds here atm and the kids bring most of them home from school - so kind of them! lol!) but my underlying mood is so much more positive and energetic than it has been for months. Weight loss is one of my goals but I especially want to feel healthier and more energetic.

    I am reading loads atm to find out more and figure out what will work best for me and my family (hubby is contemplating trying it as well but is very attached to his carbs so remains unconvinced currently). Looking forward to getting to know everyone here and to finding out how the primal WOE will work out for me
    Newly primal mama. Taking my family along on the walk to a healthy, strong and happy primal life.
    Losing fat, building strength, having fun.
    My journal is here (please ignore my excessive use of exclamation points and smilies, I just can't help myself! )

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    Welcome! A few things I have noticed (in no particular order):

    * Every one of us is an experiment - so keep records of what you eat and what you do, and patterns will emerge. Your patterns will be similar to some of ours, and very different from others'. Do what works for you.

    * Especially as far north as Scotland - be sure to get your vitamin D. A handy rule of thumb - but nothing more than that - see the first point above! - is to supplement at 1,000IU per 25 pounds (2 stone, less a bit) of body weight. You should, when you can, get your blood tested for D levels (and there are a number of threads here about optimal D levels). Be sure you take the gels or liquids, not tablets. The tablets are D2, a vegetable form, and not the same as D3, the animal form. D is hugely important for immune function, and a number of other factors, like bone formation (in conjunction with proper mineral balance, and vitamins A and K2).

    * Quality exercise over quantity - and for me, that's a "work in progress" - I love quantity, while lacking the time for it. So I stress about it ...

    * Speaking of stress ... relax! If you get most of Primal right, the remainder - which is usually the smaller, more difficult-to-achieve bit for you - may actually yield less benefit than the decrease in health due to the stress you create by going after that perfection. Better really is sometimes the enemy of good enough - and when you relax about it, the rest even becomes easier.

    I'll leave it at that. The forum is friendly and FULL of information - most questions have already been asked, so search a bit first. But even if your question has been asked before, if you ask politely someone will probably point you at a thread discussing it. So you win, anyway.

    But for the real question - Celtic or Rangers? LOL


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      I'm sorry. I have to say it. Whenever I jump in, it's with both feet. I think it would be a harsh and unfortunate mistake for me to pull one of my feet off just so I could jump in to something.
      Kane's Eye View

      Primal Kane


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        Keep a primal journal.

        Use body measurments (neck, belly, waist, hips/butt) NOT weight to measure your success.

        Remember, its not just a way of eating, there is an exercise component that will turbo charge your changes. Check out the primal blueprint fitness eBook, download it, and live it.

        Welcome aboard, its a great step you have taken and we all support you!


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          Welcome! I just wanted to say that just cutting the starchy parts out of meals I prepared for the rest of the family totally worked for me. And now my husband is on board with it too, so I don't even have to bother cooking potatoes/rice/whatever anymore.

          Enjoy the forum, happy eating!


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            Thanks for the welcome everyone

            @Annlee Thanks for all the fab tips! I will try to pick some VitD up over the weekend if we make it into the nearest city. We are very rural here so it can be tricky to source some things. Internet shopping is my friend!! lol!
            Exercise...yeah..that is often a stumbling block for me. Time is in short supply around here but this looks doable and I AM going to do it.
            Stress is another big stumbling block. We have had a few years of lots of stress in general with medical issues with the kids especially. Now we are through the diagnosis process for DS1 (Aspergers) and other issues seem to have been addressed and resolved, the underlying stress levels are much better. I do think stress and the accompanying comfort eating have played a big part in getting me to this weight. I will try to relax and enjoy the primal way of life and not sabotage myself by stressing about it. Thanks for the reminder!

            Football...nooo...neither if I can help it! lol!

            @Kane Ha ha! That is exactly the interpretation my son would put to that turn of phrase as well! lol!

            @Karma I have finally located my tape measure (had been taken by the three year old for use as a tow rope between his tractors ) so will start taking measurements.
            I have downloaded the ebook and I will take it on board. As I said, exercise is something I find difficult but I am determined to make the change to a healthier life and this looks like it is easily able to be incorporated into my life. I will go start a journal.

            @spughy That is great that your husband is onboard as well! I tried to tempt mine with bacon, eggs and fried tomatoes & onion this morning. He ruined it by swapping two of the bacon rashers for two slices of toast though I am hopeful that when he sees how yummy my meals are and the results I am going to get, he may give it a go.

            I want to buy a copy of PB and am just debating between the kindle version (I have Kindle ap on my phone & am dropping heavy hints to DH about a real one for my birthday) which would be instantly downloaded or a "real" book version which would be more easily shareable. Hmm..think I may go kindle..instant access, portable for easily referring to out and about if necessary ...and if other people want to read it ...they can buy their own! hee!

            I am reading the forums, articles etc to learn as much as I can but I am sure I will have plenty of questions as I progress.
            Thanks again for the welcome and see you around the forum!
            Newly primal mama. Taking my family along on the walk to a healthy, strong and happy primal life.
            Losing fat, building strength, having fun.
            My journal is here (please ignore my excessive use of exclamation points and smilies, I just can't help myself! )