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Hello everyone.

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  • Hello everyone.

    I have been living the primal lifestyle (or close to it) for many years without having found this website or the book which I actually just found a few days ago. I just did what felt right for me with my diet and excercise. For years I have excercised (walking, lifting weights), eaten a low sugar, low carb diet, and basked in the sun. I am so glad I found this sight and the book. Now I am ready to ramp it up and try new healthy things. I just bought some coconut oil and cooked some organic eggs in them today. Yum! Can't wait to find more healthy things to eat and to see if I notice a difference in my health.

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    Welcome! It may help you assess your progress if you take some measurements and/or a good picture to document where you are right now. Do the fitness assessments (find out your levels) in the PB Fitness blueprint (see the sticky in the Fitness section of the forum).