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  • Grandma in Connecticut

    I have been reading everything I can get my hands on about primal living for the past several months and finally climbed on board 100% right after my 51st birthday in January. I have been primal for all of 2 1/2 weeks. Although I do have 30-40 pounds to lose, my primary incentive is health. My stomach has been a mess for most of my life resulting in visits to tons of doctors. I have been tested for celiac several times but the results have always been negative. When my brother was diagnosed with celiac last summer I came to the conclusion that despite what the experts said, there had to be a link there for me and I had to find it myself. I also suffer from unexplained neuropathy in my feet. Again this can be a symptom of celiac, which apparently I don't have. (yah right) My third ailment is atrial fib/flutter with mild tachycardia, again unexplained. I am on meds for my heart (beta blocker) and stomach (antacid). I'd love to lose them both.

    In a very short 2 1/2 weeks my stomach issues are gone. They actually changed dramatically after 2 days. My digestion seems to be normal, although I don't think I ever really knew what normal was so it is still taking some getting used to. It will take a long time for my stomach to truly heal, as it took a lifetime to burn it out, so I am taking things slowly. Along with grains and sugar, I have given up alcohol (I enjoy red wine), fruit, dairy and dark chocolate temporarily to help myself heal from the inside. I am hoping this will last but am still afraid to say it out loud. My heart issues are better and the neuropathy is still unchanged. Has anyone had any experience with neuropathy and a primal lifestyle?

    My favorite form of play is to hang out with my grandchildren, who are very active 5 and 3 year olds. I hope to be able to play with them and all future grandchildren for many years to come. I can still do a mean cartwheel, which they always get a kick out of, and want to maintain the muscle to continue to entertain them and to make sure they don't grow up thinking that play is just for kids by setting an example.

    So far I am loving the idea of this lifestyle and hope that it is something I can maintain for the rest of my life. The way I look at it is that I ate enough crap and junk food in my first 50 years to last me another 50 years. As long as I do it without grain and sugar I may live that long. It makes a lot of sense to me and I love the encouragment and community feeling on this website. Are there any Connecticut people out there? I'd love to find some local resources. Also, are there any other 50+ year old women out there who have converted to this lifestyle? I'd love to hear from you!

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    Hi there! Not fifty, but am in CT!

    I know there's a Cross Fit in Ridgefield.

    And Stop and Shop carries Nature Promise brand which claims to be hormone free and grass fed.


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      Hello and welcome! Regarding your neuropathy - have you ever had your B12 levels checked? I had neuropathy in my hands and feet caused by a B12 deficiency - I wasn't a vegetarian or vegan either. If you due have a gluten intolerance, you may not absorb B12 well. If you don't want to get tested, you could just buy a good quality methylB12 and supplement to see if you get any relief.

      Good luck!
      Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )


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        Well, I'm 59 and spent the earlier part of the afternoon holding my 3-month-old grandson, so you're ahead of my curve, anyway! I've been paleo/primal (sort of sliding my way into it rather than vaulting straight into it) for about 6 months, but low carb for about 2 years or so. After ditching wheat I realized I'd had IBS for years; it developed slowly enough that I had taken it to be the way I was. What a relief! The changes happened swiftly once I did that - the mental clarity blossomed and the general good feeling had me nearly euphoric for a while.

        I often fast anywhere from 15 or 16 hours to 22 hours a day. I used to drink coffee (black) copiously, but I've had to let that go. You'll find lots of posters here who have no problem with coffee - and that's one example of the many ways we all have to find what works for us. Now I drink herbal tea when I want that warm liquid just because I want something in my stomach.

        Most of us find things we tell ourselves that help, and they're reminders of what matters to us. I remind myself how good I feel from the empty feeling - it feels lean to me. So jump in, and find the things that work for you. Don't be afraid to post questions - most folks here are glad to help.


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          Annlee - Congratulations on that new baby. I'm sure you are enjoying that time. Although I am not a coffee drinker, I have always enjoyed my tea. I have recently gotten into loose teas, which are lots of fun and very satisfying. I am determined to take my time with my stomach issues and figure out what works for me. I have already narrowed down a few things since going primal. Thanks for the advice.

          Jammies - I have had my B12 tested and initially it was on the low side. I injected B12 for about 6 months which brought the levels up but did not help the neuropathy. I do have my levels tested periodically to make sure they are in a healthy range.

          Psychicsinlove - Thanks for the CT tips, I'll look into them.


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            Just saying "Hi" from Connecticut as well. I too wrecked my guts with too much grain, and it's taking a while to improve things (maybe because I keep slipping back to gluten free bread etc... even though it's gluten free, it still messes me up).
            By summer we'll have some hot older primal chicks rockin the CT coast


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              Hello folks - I have an elderly relative in Fairfield County area, CT who also has Parkinsons. Is there a doctor or paleo-diet consultant I could point her to?


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                Not quite a grandma yet, but 48.5 years old and in the Westchester/Fairfield County area. I buy lots of organic at Trader Joes and get my grass fed/pastured meats from a local farmers market. I'm glad you are feeling great at 51! Whole Foods is coming to Danbury, so more choices in that area soon, albeit, pricey choices.


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                  I am going to check out Dr. Thomas T. Brunoski--Westport, CT. Not sure he is paleo but his focus is low-carb, nutrition, allergies and preventative medicine. He seems to have published quite a few articles in Bottom Line Secrets.