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Greetings from the Jersey Shore/Question about rapid weight loss

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  • Greetings from the Jersey Shore/Question about rapid weight loss

    Hello, primals!

    My name's Tom, I'm 25 years old and I'm about a week into living the primal lifestyle. I read Mark's book in two days and was really inspired. I was an accomplished long distance runner in high school, but college and partying led me to a sedentary lifestyle and significant weight gain. Finishing school and entering the professional certainly didn't get me back into shape.

    I tried big box gyms and CW diets to varying degrees of success until I discovered crossfit about 6 months. I didn't lose much weight because I still followed a CW diet, but I did gain a lot of practical strength and became reinvigorated with fitness. Discussions with people I met there and research online led me to paleo diets in general and later The Primal Blueprint.

    On to my question...

    I have been eating primal for a week. I have yet to experience any carb flu but what I did see was some very rapid weight loss to the tune of 9 pounds in the first week. I started kind of heavy (6'1" and 214 pounds) but I quickly dropped to 205.

    While I enjoy losing weight, I was wondering if my experience is typical for those just getting started?

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    Welcome, Tom! To answer your question, yes, your experience is pretty typical for those starting out from higher weights and switching from CW diets. Especially because on low-carb diets the initial weight loss does include water weight, and on PB possibly includes the cooling of any inflammation from wheat/grains. After this the weight loss will continue but not as quickly, and you will see body recomposition. For example, I dropped from 170 to 160 pounds in about two months, but my weight loss has slowed since then (mostly because I haven't been very compliant with primal.. on the bright side I didn't gain it all back!!)


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      great to hear! thank you!

      i'm really pumped about the weight loss. nine pounds in such a short amount of time is a great way to keep me on track.

      it was really empowering dumping out five unopened cans of the monster energy drink i used to be a slave to. i haven't missed it.


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        i've been getting more comfortable on these forums so i thought i'd share a couple of pictures.

        here i am in dough boy mode at what i believe is the height of my weight gain. about 220 pounds.

        here i am this morning. 21 pounds lighter and three weeks primal. i have a long way to go to my goal weight of 180, but i'm pumped and ready to go!