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Moving to LA -where's the best place to live/how is primal life out there?!

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    Silver lake is lovely these days... Noho isn't bad either if you are ok living in the valley :/. And you'd be close to the Dresden room lol. Great fun, that!

    A Santa Monica (or anywhere on the west side) commute would be upwards of an hour. I wouldn't live anywhere near USC... Way too sketchy and constantly shifting "boundaries" between safe and unsafe IMO.

    Pasadena/south pas is gorgeous and not a bad commute at all. Rents are slightly lower than the beach and you can always drive out there (and you will lol!) whenever you feel like it. Get a reliable, comfy car that youLOVE and be prepared to live in it. You drive everywhere there. Everywhere. (and you'll be judged for what you drive and how well you maintain it, for real... The shallow stereotype is very true in a lot of ways there.)


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      i live in Toluca Lake/Burbank... though i'd prefer to live near the beach, i don't mind where i am--i have an awesome studio and i like/enjoy the quiet... it all depends on what you're looking for, where you're working, etc... i freelance and telecommute so it works for me... i've lived ALL OVER SoCal (L.A. & O.C.)

      but i agree--culver city would be ok... i also like studio city... los feliz, etc.... good luck!
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