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    I saw someone else post an intro and remembered I am supposed to

    My husband and I switched to low-carb eating after reading a number of books including:

    Primal Blueprint
    Genocide: How your doctor's dietary ignorance will kill you
    Food & Behavior: A natural connection

    My husband also read: Good Calories, Bad Calories but I only read parts of it.

    I was already gluten intolerant and ate mostly around the outside of the grocery store as I'd spent years in La Leche League learning about natural eating.

    So what grains were left in my diet were taken out in Dec 2009. I stopped worrying about fat. The kids were not happy when we stopped buying cereals but they adjusted once I used the PB Cookbook and made those pumpkin muffins (although I reduce the honey in half) and the coconut pancakes (with no added sweetener).

    In the first 3 months following low carb eating (I eat more dairy products than PB recommends), I visibly lost fat; legs and bum trimmed down; and weight oddly shifted to my chest. But at 42, I figured that might just be age- still not sure.

    At this point, we haven't bought sugar since we moved to TX in May and bought the obligatory sugar for guests. We do use honey, maple syrup and agave nectar but only in a recipe (almond meal/protein powder muffins or coconut flour pancakes) maybe three times a week. (Kids just can't swallow eggs everyday before school starts.)

    Unfortunately the weight I lost at the beginning came back mostly on my middle. We've also started some crazy illnesses that no one can figure out. My husband seems fine but he does lots of vitamins so maybe that's why.

    I walk about 6-7 times per week for an hour each time mostly in the sun with friends or my husband and the dog. I probably need to do weights and sprints.