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  • Greetings from Japan

    Dear All,

    Hi. I'm Pinkie and I recently moved to Tokyo, Japan. I used to live in Philadelphia where following all the recommendations of primal/paleo eating was as easy as walking to the corner and asking some crossfitter where they go to eat.

    But now I'm in a different country and the recommendations that people make in the US just haven't made it here. We don't have the same rules of what "organic" or "pastured" means. I can find some farmer's markets, but to date I haven't found any source of non CAFO meat.

    So I'm here hoping that maybe I can connect with some other people who are finding it logistically impossible to live this lifestyle the way its presented.

    Mostly I'm searching for a livable middle ground where I don't have to quit my job and my life and start a homestead, but I can still sort out my health issues and feel generally good about my diet and my life overall.



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    It's good to take time out every now and then.Coool.


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      Originally posted by RonaldAgnew View Post
      It's good to take time out every now and then.Coool.
      What's even better is to hoover over links before clicking them so you'll know SPAM when you see it. :-P
      "Don't sweat the small stuff and relax about the whole process"


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        Pinkie, I was born in Japan and have been back to visit family a few times. Both my personal observation and statistics suggest that the traditional Japanese diet is good enough to coexist with excellent health. If you stick to real food and keep junk food to a minimum, you should be fine. Add whatever primal principles are feasible on top of that. You haven't said what your health issues are so I can't address those.
        I moved to to escape the spam.


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