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New here, just want to say hi!



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  • New here, just want to say hi!

    Hi everyone~
    Or everyone who isn't a spammer. Is it just me, or does there sweet to be a lot of that here? Anyway, I am new to this forum, but I've been following a paleo lifestyle for about 3 months and liking it so much I've decided to pursue the Primal Health Coach certification. It isn't that I've lost so much weight (10 pounds so far) but I feel so good!

    A little history...I'm 54, and have been dealing with thyroid issues and fatigue for a good ten years, along with a gradual weight gain, and having a hysterectomy 2 years ago didn't help.. Various doctors have told me various things. I should have listened to the first naturopath, ten years ago, who told me to eliminate grains and dairy. But I didn't. Fast forward to about a year ago, when I finally got insurance. The doctor was quite concerned about my cholesterol and wanted me on statins. I was more concerned about my fatigue and muscle aches so I said no, that I could change it with diet. I followed the Abs diet, didn't help. I tried his approach of low fat, low calorie, using MyFitnessPal to track it all, didn't help. He wanted me to exercise, but I just didn't have the energy. Finally, after consulting with my chiropractor, I started with Chris Kresser's Paleo Cure. Two weeks prep, two weeks of reboot. I felt so good after the reboot that I didn't want to stop. After 8 weeks, I went back to my (now ex) doctor, with lab results showing my cholesterol was well within normal ranges. Further research led me to Primal Blueprint, and the coaching program and that's where I'm at now.

    Would love to connect with people just starting this journey. To me, it is amazing and I wonder why everyone isn't doing ti!


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    Hi Cat,
    Great connecting with you! I'm fairly new to the Primal Blueprint Movement (and this forum) as well and share your enthusiasm. I am actually surprised by how passionate I’ve become about the lifestyle Mark promotes and the (immediately noticeable) changes that come with it. LOL!! Having said that, I'm starting my Primal Health Coach course on Monday! Can't wait! All the best, Beck


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      Thanks for responding, Beck! I wonder if there are others in the coaching program? I find myself wishing there was a FB group to talk about it with.