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Pasadena CA Primal Gal and Triathlete!



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  • Pasadena CA Primal Gal and Triathlete!

    Hello! I'm just checking in here to introduce myself. I just started following the Primal way of eating, though I've been dancing around it for a few years. I'm into my third week and it's tough to give up the sugar and grains but so far going very well. I'm a triathlete in Southern California and my athletic performance has really suffered since I began the program, but I understand that's a pretty normal thing. Not fueling workouts with excessive carbohydrates and sugar (before, during, and after, good Lord) is a totally new approach for me.

    I'm currently quite strict about the eating as I want to see if I can pinpoint foods that work/don't work, so I'm currently off dairy and legumes as well. I'll reintroduce those in a few weeks when I've reset my system to see if I can tolerate them.

    I'm 37, I have a job at an art college nearby that I love, friends and family around, but felt that "missing" piece in my life; and I think Primal is the answer. What's missing is the connection with nature, play, and freedom from food obsession (really, sugar obsession) that has plagued me for a long time.

    I look forward to plugging into this amazing community!


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    Hi Brooke! Welcome! I am pretty new here and still trying to figure things out, but I do really love this way of eating, and have seen significant changes for the good! I just found the journal section yesterday. I find that very helpful!


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      cat111719 ! Thanks for your response. Can you tell me more about your primal journey? And do you know if there is a board that is for people who are looking to connect with other primal people in their local areas?


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        I don't know of any group like that, but you might check MeetUp.

        If you click on my name, I think it will take you to my journal page. I wrote it all out there, I think. Basically, I've been exhausted for years, slowly gaining weight and losing energy. I guess my cholesterol has always been on the high side, but when I got insurance last year, and a new doctor, he was really concerned and wanted me on statins. I kept saying no, and he ket telling me to lost weight and exercise. How do you do that when a one mile walk can lay you out for days? Finally, I consulted my chiropractor who pointed me towards paleo. I started Chris Kresser's Paleo Cure program in January. Within 8 weeks, I'd lost 10 pounds, all my numbers were within normal ranges and best of all, my energy was off the charts! Started to do a little more exploring and found MDA, which I'd found years ago, but ran away from because at the time, the thought of no grains and no dairy freaked me out! Now, I swear by it. My husband loves it, too, and although he had no weight to lose (damn him!) he did actually lose some fat, and leaned out.
        We went on vacation about 3 weeks ago, and although I didn't eat terribly, I definitely wasn't following my plan, and I could feel the difference right away. Then this past week, I thought maybe I had "carb flu" or something. I was back to feeling terrible, but my chiro helped me to see that there is terrible pollen right now (I'm in Torrance) and so I got an antihistamine, and it really helped. I am now playing around with intermittent fasting. I still need to get the exercise portion in, but it's coming. I took a dance class on Tuesday!