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corrosion treatment, its excellent mechanical



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  • corrosion treatment, its excellent mechanical

    understand the type of wood preservative. 1, Russia's Mongolian pine Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica can be directly used for high pressure infiltration method to do a full range of anti-corrosion treatment, its excellent mechanical performance and beautiful texture by designers and engineers recommended. Russian Scotch anti-corrosion materials very wide range of applications, can use the boardwalk, pavilion,
    platform, waterside flower corridors, pavilions, terraces and open halls fences, trail docks, children's play area, flower bed, dustbin, outdoor furniture, outdoor environment, water environment and indoor and outdoor construction projects. Because of its unique anti-corrosion technology, all the works can be stored for a long time. 2, the quality of Scots pine, Pinus sylvestris, after special anti-corrosion treatment,
    with anti-corrosion, anti termite, anti fungal effect. The utility model is especially suitable for outdoor environment, and can be directly used in the environment of contact with water and soil, and is the preferred material of the wooden floor, the fence, the bridge body, the boardwalk and other wooden pieces in the outdoor landscape. 3, the western red cedar red cedar is the highest grade of North
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